My beautiful and talented friend Katherine recently wrote a piece for Black Book about the ever refreshing and newly rediscovered Pimm’s Cup cocktail. Odds are that you might salivate while reading this article, and as someone who assisted in some of Katherine’s taste testing, I can verify that at least one of the beverages (from First & Hope) was just as tasty as it sounds.

Black Book: British Invasion: The Pimm’s Cup Takes Over L.A.

2 replies on “QUICK HIT: Pimm’s Cups Are Back”

  1. I’ve been extolling the virtues of Pimm’s No 1 all year long. I love the stuff; and it’s only half the price of other apertif’s like Pastis that will be “cool” next summer.

  2. My all time favorite and the only place around here I could find one just closed their doors. Thanks for posting.

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