Of Tag Controversies and Chinese Walmarts

IndianJones, quietly awaiting recognition.

About forty-five minutes ago, I posted an item about Chinese Walmarts that had been sent to me by my true friend Neil. No sooner had I posted it than my other friend IndianJones popped up to remind me that the link was in fact “OLD NEWS” on account of it apparently having been a viral hit four months ago.

This, of course, led to my other friend jash firing off an email insisting that I retroactively dole out a tag for IndianJones on the post because IndianJones had actually sent out the very same link to all four of us (among others) back in May. Clearly, tags on this blog are a big deal (jash and IndianJones are in a heated competition to have the most tags — so that jash would insist that his competitor should earn a precious tag was quite noteworthy). Nevertheless, this soon led to an angry email from IndianJones who wrote, “BEN I demand a tag or at least acknowledgement.”

So what to do? WELL. IndianJones, after much thought and deliberation, I am giving you acknowledgment in this post for having sent the link at some point in our lifetimes; however, you do not receive a tag because you were not the reason why I posted the link. It was in fact Neil (true friend) who inspired me to post the link.

Also, the Patriots suck.

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  1. I think I brought this up in one my comments a while back. You need some better organizing principles behind tagging people, Ben.

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