If ever there were to be a Jersey Shore / Real Housewives of New Jersey crossover, I’m hoping it won’t be like this. Our favorite cast member wannabe Kim G recently attempted to reverse that whole “elderly” image thing she’s got going on by soliciting Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino over Twitter. Her offer: if The Situation arm wrestles with a local blogger named Tom, she will in return go bobbing for pickles with Snooki. I’m not sure what the upside is for Snooki and The Situation, but Kim G seems to think the sight of her plunging face first for phallic objects is somehow appetizing. Perhaps she forgot that these days, Snooks and Sitch are hanging with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, not kooky old broads from Franklin Lakes.

Nevertheless, Kim certainly made a loving plea for their attention, thus showing off her brand of mom-comedy at its best. She wrote on Twitter, “Hey Situation, the Instigation wants to have a POW WOW with you. Come On!! I also do GTL, but mine is Gym, Terrorizing, & Laundry!!! Yes!!!” I don’t know what makes me more uncomfortable: that Kim G seems to actually want to engage in this silliness or that she’s named herself The Instigation. Either way, God bless that bizarre lady.

And the answer is yes, The Situation politely declined the challenge.

For more information, including some silly videos of Kim G, check out the full story here:

Socialite Life: The Situation Turns Down ‘RHONJ’ Kim G’s Request For Arm Wrestling Match

2 replies on “Kim G Attempts To Woo The Situation, Fails”

  1. Kim:

    I am a Divorced Mother of Three Wonderful Children. I can not imagine that i would ever
    embarass my children and trash my reputation by attempting to intice these neanderthals
    to film with me. What a Wonderful Role Model you are for your children
    It must be very disturbing to you and Tom that even Snooki and the Situation have enough
    on the ball not to want anything to do with you.
    A Struggling But Proud Real Housewife of New Jersey

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