Jill scott look like she got that kinda pussy you be in a hurry to get home to shit but erica badu nigga her pussy make a nigga color blind

A so look I just finished fuckin a fat bitch for the first time I wanta tell you niggas don’t knock it till you try it.it was bad

Now I aint one to judge no one but that girl from precious a ugly motherfucker man.lol I don’t give a fuck

Most people think having a bachelors degree or a masters equates to there level of intelligence I think it reflects there ability to retain

Now wich one of you fine bitches wanta make a super baby with me. Oh yea never take a member of cult curtis to child support its forbidden

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5 replies on “Deep Thoughts From @50cent”

  1. I don’t really give a fuck about this dbag and his tweets, but I must admit that I’m relishing what Jezebel will have to say about this.

    1. they pointed out his incorrect usage of “there”. Now fiddy can get busted by the grammar police as well!

  2. OMG… That’s awful… And it was only Sunday night that Chelsea Handler was saying what a nice guy he is… Apparently, he sent her 50 bouquets of flowers…

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