Readers of this site know that I truly love Community (season two premieres on Thursday, and season one DVD is out today!!), and so I was more than excited to go on a virtual tour of the set today via the magic of the Interwebs. Shot at Paramount Studios (which I can clearly see out my window), I could have just as easily gone to the set in person, but as show creator Dan Harmon said on the tour, they were very excited about new fun ways to NOT see the media in person, and I can’t blame him. I hadn’t even showered by the time the tour started.

Anyway, it was geeky fun watching as Ken Jeong led the tour through the set, and while I couldn’t really communicate with him or the cast, I did enjoy the grainy insider view of Greendale College.

Screen grabs after the jump…

Ken Jeong kicks off the tour with some general proclamations about this and that.

Ken Jeong with the show’s creator, Dan Harmon. The two talked at length about the series, and I was happy to hear that Dan Harmon’s three favorite episodes (the paintball one, the chicken fingers one, and the naked billiards one) are the same as MY three favorite episodes. Taste twins! (and with that, I think I just officially lost any chance of ever joining the writing staff of this show).

A glimpse of the wardrobe, including a pumpkin costume. Kind of hard to see, but it’s the orange thing.

A view of the ladies’ room door. Ken Jeong notes that he has never taken a dump in there.

The tour is not without action. Here, Joel McHale attacks Ken Jeong with a fire extinguisher (much as I often wish to do to old people in airports).

Harrassing the wardrobe department, which seems unamused.

Ken Jeong pretends to do something lewd to Joel McHale’s chair. Meanwhile, I grow intensely nostalgic as this moment unfolds right around the corner from the former offices of Andy Richter Controls the Universe, on which I used to be a writers’ assistant. Mournful violin music is now playing in my head.

Here’s Ken Jeong hamming it up near the director’s area. He suddenly becomes serious and informs us that the episode they are filming is one of the funniest ever. Not clear which episode it actually is though.

Donald Glover makes an appearance on the tour. He is much more engaging than perhaps this image suggests.

Joel McHale, who once again is showing off his guns. Light badinage ensues.

Suddenly and without warning, Alison Brie floats across the screen. Luckily, I’m speedy and am able to capture this image of Annie / Trudy.

Similarly, Daniel Pudi also sprints by. I feel like I’m watching a nature video (in the best possible way).

The cast (and the director) bids us adieu, happily imploring us to purchase the season one DVD.

For those who are curious, this here is Joel McHale’s wife and kid.

The entire tour then ends with Ken Jeong bouncing on a trampoline. Seems about right.

Thanks to everyone who set up the tour! Buy the DVD, people!

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  1. The first pic after the jump reminded me of Dr. Marvin Candle and the Dharma tapes. I miss Lost…

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