The Real Housewives of New Jersey may be wrapping up on Monday, but fear not: Bravo has some familiar lady faces for us to get psyched about. That’s right, I’m talking about the one and only Real Housewives of Atlanta, which makes its triumphant return on October 4th. In anticipation of this sacred day on the drag-queen calendar, the network has released its first cast images to, thus revealing the new new cast members for the third season: Cynthia Bailey and Phaedra Parks.

Cynthia, a former model, and Phaedra, a well-known entertainment attorney, join returning cast members Nene, Kim, Kandi, and Sherayay. Notably absent: Lisa Wu Hartwell. This is probably for the best as Lisa always seemed a bit too restrained for the series, minus her infamous outburst during the season one reunion. I will miss her lovable husband Ed, but given how last season of Atlanta lagged during the second half, I think the new blood will be worth it.

According to EW, this third iteration of Atlanta will feature such storylines as Kim Z continuing with her recording career, which should be laughably awful (side note: has anyone noticed that all the Kims rhyme? Kim D, Kim G, and Kim Z). However, what I’m most looking forward to are reports that Sherayay will be trying her hand at acting. This should lend itself to some truly amazing comedy.

To read more, check out EW’s coverage here.

9 replies on “Meet The New ‘Housewives’ of Atlanta!”

  1. Lisa seemed to be the classy one. I will miss her level-headedness.

    As long as NeNe stays put, I’ll watch.

    The other two seem…interesting. Too soon to tell.

  2. Sheree’s one of my favorites out of all the Housewives. I mean Independence Party, a self-portrait the size of a wall, almost pulling Kim Z.’s hair, and fashion line called “She by Sheree.” I love her crazy antics because they’re funny but not vile or mean.

    I’m intrigued by Phaedra, if only for such a cool name. I love saying “Fa-Yed-Ra” so I’m hoping that’s how it’s pronounced.

  3. That’s some heavy history/Gree myth behind that name there! And Liz is correct its pronounced “Fay-drah”.

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