I went to wine country this past weekend with my parents, and while the boozin’ was fun, I have to admit that it was the miniature horse ranch just outside of Solvang, CA that amused me the most. We all know that I have a heart of stone, but even I couldn’t resist the four-legged cuteness grazing about this farm. Seriously, these little guys even CRAPPED cutely.

Two more pics of this adorable little steed after the jump.

Here’s the horse just chillin’ by the side of the pen.

And here’s the horse about to walk away. Seriously, the thing was TINY.

I shall now return to my regularly scheduled snarky programming.

6 replies on “JUST BECAUSE: Me & A Miniature Horse”

  1. We visited the miniature horse farm after a day of wine tasting, so I’m sure you have a better recollection. The day we were there, a new foal had just been born (I mean JUST – it still had uterus goo on it) and the proud papa was prancing around the adjoining paddock. We might, or might not, have tried to convince some children that the new pony’s name was Tea Bag.

  2. Ok, that is seriously the cutest thing I’ve seen. B-side, I would’ve stolen it and taken it home with me.

  3. Aw, cute. You’re not so bad yourself. I love going to petting zoos where you get to interact with all the little animals.

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