We took a little break for a few weeks, but Banter with Ben and Lisa is back! On this week’s show, Lisa and I let the banter blender whir out of control as our discussion of Jersey Shore quickly spirals into a free-for-all gabfest about Martha Stewart, Mariah Carey, Step Up 3D, helicopters, infomercials, and Danielle Staub’s recent musical performance on WPIX. Plus, because it was so nice out, Lisa and I brought the laptop and Snowball microphone up to my roof to enjoy the many splendors of Mother Nature (which, in LA, includes various honking horns and overhead aircraft). Unfortunately, my laptop is old, and for some reason, when it recorded us, it made our voices sound ever so slightly higher pitch, which is somewhat amusing. A touch of chipmunk never hurt anyone, right?


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11 replies on “Ep. 08: Banter with Ben and Lisa”

  1. You’re right man, Avatar sucks. It was cool to look at for about 15-30 minutes, and the rest was a test of endurance. I just don’t get the hype and glad to discover you don’t either.

    OK – Showgirls is hilariously bad. It’s almost worth seeing it edited for TV rather than the original b/c they actually like painted bikini tops (badly) on all the topless dancers. However, they have to chop out so much of the story line that it makes even less sense. decisions, decisions. I catch it now and again on the movie channels late late at night.

    I’ve been missing your podcasts, so glad you and Lisa are back!

  2. this podcast needs more jash. i miss him. and this isnt jash saying this, though he should say it too. but it def needs more of him, WHO I’M MOST CERTAINLY NOT.

      1. i can see how you’d be confused by my communication, as it is on a level with a person holding a PhD in communication, WHICH I CERTAINLY DO NOT HAVE.

      1. Small world. My brother is a good friend of the guy who ran it that year (Noah). I’m not sure if he was there in 97.

  3. I must say, the sound quality on this podcast was a whole lot better than previous ones.

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