How much does The Real Housewives of New Jersey need Danielle? THIS MUCH.

Reports are zipping through the Internets that crazy reality star / sex tape vixen Danielle Staub has been fired from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. This is somewhat shocking news, mostly because Danielle is the only one who makes this Garden State iteration of the Bravo franchise mildly interesting. Without Ms. Staub around, I’m not sure what we’ll have to watch. Jacqueline feeding her baby? Teresa raiding Posche? Caroline locking down her family in the kitchen lest they ever leave her with an empty nest?

Truth is that RHONJ has needed a cast overhaul since this season began, and while the Kims (D & G) have added plenty of spice, it’s about time to clean house. Sure, keep Teresa — she’s awful, but her tackiness is worthy of nationwide mockery — but lose Jacqueline and Caroline. Jackie brings nothing to the show, and Caroline, while she’s lovable and awesome and full of sage wisdom, is kind of boring. Whatever Bravo does, they should not drop Danielle. PLEASE. We need her lunacy.

However, it appears this may be what’s happened. Who knows how or why it got to this point. Methinks Danielle became either too much of a handful and / or a liability. Either that or Andy Cohen simply got sick of her stalking him in her SUV. Fingers crossed these are all just vicious, SADISTIC rumors…

For more information, check out the full story at E! Online here.

17 replies on “Danielle Staub Fired From ‘Real Housewives’? I Will Not Clap”

  1. I dunno, man. It’s getting to the point where I cannot stand listening to her. She’s trying to start fights for no reason but all anyone can do is roll their eyes, including myself. At least the book was a reason to start a fight. Teresa being a bad parent? Not so much. It’s verging on Spencer and Heidi crazy, and that led us to a very dark, boring place.

    Okay, maybe when fights give us gems like “square tits”… Maybe they’re worth it.

  2. I agree. This sad franchise needs crazy Danielle. The comments at the bottom of the E! Online story are h-freaking-ilarious! What is wrong with these people? I will not clap.

  3. This would be the ultimate dis.

    What’s going to happen next? Danielle is glued to her computer reading Google alerts about herself and the alleged firing. While she is engrossed in her reading and distracted, from the shadows, Caroline Manzo rises up to attack her. She falls, hits her head, and does not wake up. Then her daughters don’t have a mother OR a Bravo paycheck! Then are they happy?!?? Then are they happy?!?

  4. They should just bag this whole iteration altogether. Once they get Beverly Hills going, there will be plenty of Housewives from around the country without this ragtag bunch.

  5. The problem with having a certifiably crazy cast member (Danielle, Kelly and now Michaele) is that none of the other members want to film with them. The crazies are usually what makes the show though.

    The fun of these franchises is seeing these women being catty with each other. But the Jersey cast has always been more dark and violent and it all starts with Danielle.

  6. No pressure, but I’m still waiting for your recap of RHODC from last week!

    I don’t find Danielle the least bit entertaining, mainly because she’s a clear pathological liar (and really at the heart of it, a sociopath).

  7. What will we talk about?
    I agree that maybe it’s too much of a liability having her around.

  8. Danielle thought Bravo was her friend. But then she found out that they were talking about her behind her back. At first she ignored them by fake talking on the phone. Then she glared at them from across the room. Bravo tried to say Hello and be friendly but Daniele was having none of it and ran away while Bravo chased her. Agents were called.
    The relationship is over.


  9. I have read that Danielle is a total diva with the crew and producers at Bravo refusing to carry her own bags etc. I agree they might see her as more of a liability than its worth. She is truly very ill and it’s not even fun to watch her pathological lies anymore.

    Although… in the coming attractions when Caroline asked to meet with her and Danielle has three carloads of men with guns going with her……. that will be fun to watch. But I will not clap.

    She is gross.

  10. Two feet behind a head and a twirl around the stripper pole (in a burlesque way) for Honeybunny’s comment.

    I think that Bravo should just do away with entire cast. Teresa is the just as awful as Danielle and is just as big of a sociopath/pathological liar as Danielle. She really brings nothing to the table and now she doesn’t even fit into the premise of the show. She isn’t an affluent housewife unless Juicy was able to hide a bunch of money or his hustling career down at the bus station has really taken off. His age makes it harder for him to pick up johns, plus he enjoys it so much that he actually ends up paying the john.

  11. That should have read: two feet behind my head and a twirl around the stripper. Engage and suggest.

    1. Hey Zeus! Pay attention PU-LEAZE: the movie would be called “The Real Prostitution Whorewives of NJ”. How dare you bastardize my real nickname? Especially since I will be the STAR of this movie.

  12. The truth is these women are all big mouth gossips that assume most of what they complain about. Danielle has constant delusions of grandeur but the rest of them protest too much. I know that behind the scenes they keep the fire burning no matter what they claim. They sit on their high horses but think it’s OK to use profane name calling.

    The fact is that these women need Danielle on that show. Without her there is no show. The truth is I wouldn’t give any of them the time of day.

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