I have been doing a lot of shilling on this blog recently, but as I always like to say, this is a blog, not the New York Times; so who cares? That being said, no one asked me to shill for this, and I rarely, if EVER, shill for charitable causes; however, when my friend Hannah sent a bunch of people this email, my heart kind of melted. I don’t know why. I see these “find this animal a home” postings all the time on Facebook and never care. I think it’s because I had a dream that I got a dog last night. Anyway, I’m feeling friendly today; so if you too are in a similar altered state, check out what Hannah has to say. If you live in LA, one of these guys could be your next pet:

Milo was found in the middle of the highway with no tags on. He is a sweet little Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix with only the best qualities of the two breeds and none of the negatives. He doesn’t bark, he’s house trained, he is not an annoying yippy dog. He is sweet as can be, loves to snuggle, has all his shots, is neutered, socialized and plays well with other dogs of all sizes. He’s a tiny little guy, super easy to travel with and did i mention how photogenic he is? …b/c that’s really the most important thing in a dog… He loves to play, and thinks hes much bigger than he is. Very curious with lots of personality. Still has that funny puppy run, where his back legs are not on the same page with the front ones. like i said, he’s house trained and socialized but young enough that you can still train him…he hasn’t learned ‘sit’ or ‘roll over’ yet so you still get to have all the fun training and none of the poop on your carpet stuff ! Milo came over and spent an hr + with us last night. He played really well with our friends dog Tyson…. Tyson was super sad when Milo left…Kurt and I just aren’t the same to wrestle with. If you are interested in Milo, please contact Emily- 908-392-2014

My Co worker Alison brought him into the office this AM. Her boyfriend’s neighbors had him in a crate ready to take to the shelter, when she snatched him up this am. He is a stray and has been living outside their place for the past week. So far today he has slept soundly under her computer monitor all day. I think he finally feels safe. She is taking him to the vet tomorrow to get him all checked out and taken care of. She has 3 of her own already and her BF has 2…together they just cant take on another one. He is just a baby. If you are interested in Boo please contact Alison Hamon @ 310-210-0431

Please feel free to contact me about both as i have spent quality time with both of them, and if the stars align and you can take BOTH, it would be an awesome way to start a nuclear animal family all at once!!
and please PLEASE pass this along to everyone and anyone you know in the socal area! Post it wherever you can.


8 replies on “Cute Homeless Animals Have Melted My Heart”

  1. Adorable. I would snatch them both up if I could! That kitty-cat is the sweetest. We adopted a rescue five years ago and she is amazing. Sweetest dog ever and she grew from the cutest puppy in the world into a stunning dog. Her mom was actually abandoned in a dumpster pregnant!!!?? (What’s wrong with people??) Thankfully, someone found her and brought her to the shelter where she had the litter and we adopted our little gal. I will never ever think about buying an animal — rescue all the way!

  2. This is how I ended up with 3 awesome cats… In an effort to not become that crazy cat lady (I’m not getting any younger) I will not visit this site, but THANK YOU for posting it. Adopted animals are the best!

  3. Yes, Ben, I think you need a kitty. Heck, I brought two back from Turkey that I found wild on the street as kittens.

    1. Do it!! I am sure you will not regret and it will probably provide great blog material!

  4. They are both adorable, and I would for sure snag up Milo if I were living out there.
    However, I couldn’t help but notice that the woman holding Milo has the longest thumb I have ever seen. Is it just me, or is that one long thumb?

  5. omgosh.. boo’s so cute! i was tweeting about wanting an animal and my friend was like, look no further and she sent me this link. i just moved to LA so i feel like i still need some time to get myself settled but once that happens, i hope to adopt some homeless pet very soon.

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