Kelly Cutrone Oversleeps, Lacks Coffee. HEADS WILL ROLL.

There’s no Kell on Earth or The City on TV these days; so where can we get our weekly dose of Kelly Cutrone? The Internet, of course! Specifically The Huffington Post where Kelly posted this angry screed of a video which documents the alleged bungling of a wake-up call and a request for coffee by the Sheraton Hotel in Toronto. Kelly is rightfully angry that her wakeup call is twenty minutes late and her pot of coffee totally non existent, and she makes her voice heard in a shaky, hilarious, and slightly terrifying video.

Most amusing of all is when Kelly threatens to expose these crimes against humanity on the “FUCKING HUFFINGTON POST,” as if that’s going to put the Sheraton out of business. Kelly then goes on to proclaim that she’s an MTV star (not a Bravo star??) and a television personality and that she shouldn’t be treated this way. Normally, I’d be loath to applaud such prima dona statements of entitlement, but this is Kelly Cutrone, and when she does it, it’s amazing.

Thanks to jash for the heads up.

9 replies on “Kelly Cutrone Oversleeps, Lacks Coffee. HEADS WILL ROLL.”

  1. I don’t want to listen to my own crabby-assed morning rants. Why would I listen to hers?

  2. I disagree, anytime anyone (regardless of status or known bitchy attitude) pulls the “Do you know who I am?” bullshit it’s a total asshole move. “Oh you can go ahead and treat the rabble like peasants but I’m a marginal reality TV star on a cable network!”

  3. Doesn’t the fact that she filmed the incident make this whole thing seem sorta fake?

  4. Hi, I’m a first time commenter, long time reader. I’ve never posted anything before but as someone who works in a hotel and has to deal with this kind of b.s. even from non MTV/Bravo pseudo-celebrities- I must point this out……She could have used that handy dandy cell-phone to set her own alarm (just to be safe) and if she called the front desk and said, “Hey, where’s my coffee? AND by the way, my wake-up calls were late, but it’s ok because I’m a smart person who makes contingency plans and ALSO set the alarm on my phone.” I’m sure they would have sent someone up ASAP with said coffee and probably a free breakfast on them…….However, blowing relatively minor things out of proportion and bitching about it without even giving the staff time to fix a problem, much less know one exists (until they see it on the Internet) is another option. I mean I get it, she’s got a busy day…….it’s fucking fashion week…….blah.

    1. I will certainly clap to you.
      I can’t beweave it’s fucking Kelly Cutrone! How obnoxious….

  5. I typically love her but don’t appreciate the attitude and don’t understand what the eff she is talking about?? She was at some ‘meditation’ until 2 in the morning?? She can claim she was just ‘meditating’ but I think she seems messed up and overly ornery. Stop yapping and get on your damn flight! The Huff-Po and MTV references are ridiculous. Kelly Cutrone — wake up and get real and get over your damn self….

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