Smelling a hint of smoke in the air? Feeling a misogynistic spring in your step? Tasting the sweet flavor of marital woes in your coffee? Then it must be that time again. That’s right: Mad Men returns for a fourth season on Sunday, and rumor has it the show will focus more on the workplace than the homefront, which is great news for those of us who can’t stand Betty Draper.

We still have a few days before the big premiere, but in the meantime, entertain yourself with this funky user-submitted gallery of mid-century homes and interior designs. After all, you need something to do for the next five minutes.

Washington Post: The Mad Men Look: Does Your Home Have It?

4 replies on “Checking Out ‘The Mad Men Look’”

  1. I would be ecstatic if they wrote Betty Draper off the show. I just don’t like January Jones. At all. her constant blinking is too much for me.

  2. Love this show and can’t wait for the premiere. I miss that handsome Don Draper..

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