About a year ago, the first season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey ended with a reunion featuring Caroline Manzo breaking down into tears, pointing at Danielle Manzo, and saying “You know what you did.” It was all very mysterious to viewers, and in the wake of the show, many rumors surfaced: Danielle had claimed Dina’s husband was gay; Danielle had given a private investigator Dina’s phone number, thus endangering Lexi somehow; etc. etc. etc.. It was all very murky, but in the new book The Real Housewives Get Personal, Danielle happily goes on record to explain what really happened.

Here is the full scoop, according to Team Staub:

Dina used to work at Nisha Nails — where I get my nails done — for seventeen years. The owner of Nisha Nails is Angela. Angela’s brother was Dina’s first husband. Angela came to me after the finale, before the reunion, and asked me if my ex-husband had to sign for my children to do the show. And I said, “Yes.” She said, “Well, how come my brother’s name got forged?” And I said, “I don’t konw anything about that. I only know my contract…

She said, “Well do you have a phone number that I can call?” Hello. It’s called 411. But I’d known her seventeen years, and we have a real social history. So I gave her a phone number to call the production company. That’s what I did. So she could check into the fact that her brother’s name got forged. I had no idea that would warrant that kind of behavior towards me. He had to sign for his daughter to do the show. But he didn’t get asked. And he didn’t want her on the show. According to Angela.

Of course, since this comes from Danielle, we must take everything with not just a grain, but an entire box of Morton’s kosher salt. It does sound somewhat legit, however. It’s certainly in line with some of the rumors and does account for Lexi’s disappearance this season. There does remain one question: if what Danielle says is true, why didn’t she defend herself against Caroline on the reunion? It seems as if she’d have a good case for herself.

The mystery persists…

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  1. Interesting…. I actually believe this could be the reason Caroline was so upset but there has to be more to it. Maybe Danielle was a bit more proactive in the follow up than she claims here and maybe it escalated to the point that it got serious — custody issues? CPS inolved? I dunno… I just can’t believe she would have just given out the phone number and left it at. I do miss Lexi on the show. She and Dina were adorable together and she seems like a really cute kid.

  2. i do believe danielle on this one.. i can see the manzo sisters doing something like that.. and that also explain why the sisters and co. are going after danielle 4 no reason… has any 1 see danielle doing something to the manzo, laurita or giudice? beside the old blogs??
    they keep saying danielle did this or say that but they never have prof of anything…
    and im not saying danielle is an innocent girl but c’mon ppl.. the other bitches aren’t angles
    danielle may be dramatic, a lil paranoiac, and she has a pathetic bodyguard but out side of that i dont think she is that bad

  3. Ah-ha! Makes sense, but I have to agree w/La Guerita. There is no way with Danielle and all her drama antics that she left it with just giving a phone number to someone.

    That’s not e-fuckin nough for me!!!

      1. B-side-
        I don’t want you to know that I am reading this, so I am going to pretend to talk on the phone. I learned this trick from Paris Hilton…

  4. I’d heard this rumor, too, but I really thought it would take more to provoke such a vicious reaction from Caroline. I still think there’s some truth to the story about Dina and the hubby living separately and their marriage being for show, which explains why she would forge his signature. If they were living together happily, that couldn’t have happened.

      1. Now it makes more sense. I still think there’s more to the story though.

  5. No way Caroline got that emotional over a simple phone number. Danielle MUST have done way more than that. I am not saying the Manzo’s aren’t above a little legal shenanigans but this story smells like Danielle’s crotch.

    But let’s back up for a minute and ask how come the sister of the bio daddy was the one to call AFTER the season was over. Where was bio daddy? Is he not involved in his daughter’s life to the point where he didn’t know she was filming? Why didn’t he call the cops if his name was forged on a legal document? Why am I asking questions like Judge Judy?


    1. I totally agree HB/Judge Judy! I’m thinking her dad knew she was filming because Lexi and him went to Greece during filming. Dina knew she wasn’t finishing this season, so why drag Lexi in to all the drama w/Dirty D

      Do people actually believe that the Manzos are out for Danielle? and How did Danielle actually get on the show? and How did she meet Jacqueline?
      talk about questions ……..

    2. Don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining. 😉

      I agree that Caroline would not have gotten so worked up over that explanation. Seeing how Danielle acts, I think more was done.

      1. Does the bio-daddy actually live in Cyprus? Maybe that’s why he was so MIA until SOMEONE stirred the pot! hmmmmm

        Judge Judy is the best. Watched her for a bit today, actually. And you know what? They don’t keep her around there because she is pretty…. the keep her because she is SMART!

        1. Just had to chime in… i remember a few months ago or so, Dina gave an interview and said she had ‘date night’ with her current hubby every thursday night, and Lexi stayed with her biological father every thursday night while Dina went out. SO, I’m guessing her biological dad does not live in Cyprus 🙂

  6. Danielle seems to be intentionally choosing inflammatory words in recounting the story. She admits to Angela that her ex-husband had to sign a form. Wouldn’t Angela’s natural follow-up question be “Then why didn’t my brother have to sign?” Just because someone doesn’t sign a form doesn’t automatically mean their signature was forged.

    And how can you assume that everyone’s child custody agreements result in the same restrictions? I’m sure that there are arrangements out there that don’t every field trip permission slip to be signed by both parents.

  7. That’s odd. Danielle gave an interview stating the same thing but it happened before filming and it was the girlfriend of Dina’s first husband approaching Danielle at a Nets game.

  8. Danielle’s story does seem like it’s around what Caroline got upset over.

    But as for Caroline being overemotional, I do tend to think she’s way too protective over her family. Danielle’s not a real threat. I think she should lighten up a bit.

  9. you know how danielles lying??

    if you google dinas ex-husband(get the name from wikipedia)

    the place where danielle gets her nails done (nisha nails) is owned by dinas exhusband and a woman from london named Angelina so it is prob his girlfriend or wife he owns the salon with and why would dina work there if he owns it with another woman ?? i know this because i googled the salon and a description of the salon and the owners came up sayin george is a man from greece blah blah blah and the other owner angelina is a woman from london……….danielle is a wack job that girl needs serious help she probably sells three books she buys one for herself and two for her piggy looking children ahaha

  10. How can anyone believe anything Danielle says? We watch her week after week claim her own “love and light” and then go on to bad mouth everyone and hire bodyguards etc. She even said saying hello to Chris as she walked into the Brownstone was meant to say “F U I’m in your house”.. wtf? I just saw a story on radaronline about her out kissing her new female lover all night in the clubs…she is such a gay advocate.. In the mental health field where I work.. we call her borderline psychotic

  11. Been waiting for comments. Luv the luv for JJ. Watching Carolines emotions this season I can see her going all Corleone over what seems kinda petty if true & not worthy of such venom. That said, If it doesnt make sense its not true. I think HB might agree 🙂

  12. All cypriot man are scam bags! They are after foreigners, treat them like garbage, their families treat them even worse and they don’t give a damn about kids! Dina did great by divorcing Lexi’s father and I hope she’ll never let Lexi visit that creepy country again!

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