DANCING COUGAR ALERT! Danielle Staub Edition

We’re used to seeing the tough, defensive side of Danielle Staub from The Real Housewives of New Jersey. However, even cougars who’ve been terrorized through country clubs need to have a little fun, and Danielle let loose on last night’s Watch What Happens Live! The mom / Public Manzo Enemy #1 emerged from the witness protection program long enough to do a little dance for Andy, but sadly, she refrained from actually getting up on a nearby coffee table, lest it break under her weight — clearly the result of a murderous Manzo-planted booby trap.

Fun, strange times nonetheless.

Thanks to reader LynnB for the heads up.

4 replies on “DANCING COUGAR ALERT! Danielle Staub Edition”

  1. It was weird. Her whole interview on the show was weird. She’s no fun! She sucked the life out of the show and Jeff Lewis was there, who can make anybody laugh! Not her!

  2. Danielle is a horrible guest on WWHL, she acted like a shy virgin, and not the sleaze bucket that she is! she was Debbie Downer, she needs professional help.

    If my mom danced on TV like she did, I would move 2000 miles away from her and change my name

  3. I loved Jeff’s face during her dance. And I bet she really did keep his money.
    Ugh, she repulses me.

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