It seems like every season of The City features Whitney heading down to Miami for some silly adventure. First time around, she and Jay got all romantic in the sun. Second time around, she and Roxy rung up a giant hotel tab. And third time around was this week when Whit and Rox again flew down to South Beach to show the Whitney Eve line at the Gen-Arts fashion show, which proved to be so deliriously disorganized that I thought I was watching the second coming of Sinbad on Celebrity Apprentice. Somehow, Whitney managed to persevere through incompetency and scheming models and wound up landing herself a potential sale with a charming mall boutique. It’s not Bergdorf’s, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with buying couture next to a Piercing Pagoda. Right?

Meanwhile, over at Elle, Olivia finally rose to the challenge and snagged a Zac Posen interview for the company’s website. It was an eleventh hour save for her as Erin was just in the final stages of sharpening her guillotine. Head honcho Robbie Myers screened footage of both Olivia and Louise, and while she seemed to like the Brit more, for now it appeared both women would be working in tandem at the magazine. And thus Erin was stymied again. She seemed less than pleased when Olivia, recognizing a foe in Louise, plastered on a big fake smile and got to work winning over her potential rival. Could this be an epic backfire for Erin? Will both girls ally together and outnumber our beleaguered PR exec? Time will tell…

But for now, check out a photocap after the jump…

“I like this couch. I’m naming it Amanda.”

“Olivia, it’s really important that you deliver. I need you to interview Zac Posen. And make sure you wear something CAYUUUUUUTE!!!”

“Well, I find it highly unprofessional of you to ask me to interview Zac Posen with only eight hours notice.”
Joe: “It’s your job. You need to take it seriously, Olivia.”
“Oh Joe…”
“Ohhhhhhhh Joe. You’re cute.”
“Olivia, I am your boss.”

“That bitch keeps stealing my models. Who does she think she is? A MODEL-STEALER??? Sorry, I’m working on my one-liners.”

Roxy: “So which girl do you want me to bitch slap? The one on the right?”
“No, two over.”
“To the left?”
“No, other direction.”
“Black hair, flat chest?”
“Yeah, fuck her shit up, cuz.”

“Hi, I’m Olivia Palermo, and I’m here with Zac Posen for Elle.com. Tell me Zac: who do you want to win Dancing with the Stars?
“Um, it already ended.”
“What are you talking about? I just voted for Marie Osmond last night.”
“Olivia, that was like two years ago.”
“WELL. I find it highly unprofessional that no one told ME about that.”
“Olivia, who the hell did you call?”
“I’ll check my phone logs. Let’s see… let’s see… There it is: 10:03 PM last night. Outgoing call to ABC.”
“Olivia, you called Pizza Hut.”
“Huh. That would explain the garlic knots that showed up at my door.”

“Welcome to my shop! I’m Pamela, and to my right is my associate, MARKIE POST.”

Erin: “Check out this footage, Robbie. I think you’ll like what you see.”
Robbie: “I only see little strange creatures.”
“Oh wait. It’s my Snorks DVD.”

Erin: “I’m so sorry. Let me find the proper DVD.”
“Wait, wait… I like it.”
[insert rapid dialing on phone keypad]
Robbie: “Get me a Snork.”

Robbie: “Listen, Joe. I don’t care what we promised Sienna Miller. I want a Snork on the cover, and I want it NOW.”

“Hey! Check out my model! And please ignore the hole I accidentally tore in the middle of the dress.”

“Whoa. I just totally realized that you’re the only one in charge, Roxy. That’s kind of effed up!”

“Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my collection! On a side note, if anyone sees my pants, could you please have them sent backstage? THNX!”

Louise: “‘Allo guv’nah! Reckon you like a shoeshine today?”
“I’m sorry, I don’t speak with foreigners.”

What did you think about the episode?

6 replies on “THE CITY PHOTOCAP: Whitney Goes To Miami, Witnesses Incompetence”

  1. Great recap! Roxy takin’ the bitches out had me laughing.

    So, I was watching the end of the movie ‘Overboard’ on cable last night (because it is the best movie ever) and I think I saw a commercial for a new show staring Louise! It is some make over show called ‘Plain Jane’ or something. I think it was the CW… looks like she might be leaving Elle and MTV behind!

    1. HB – That was my favorite line of the night from Robbie! “There are 2 kinds in this business, work horses and show ponies”

      I like to think that I am a hybrid…. ha! Do you think Olivia is an S.P.?

  2. Oh yeah… so annoyed that Olivia got the blasted intreview! Was hoping to see her get canned by Robbie. You know she is great at firing people!

  3. Man, I don’t know if it’s me but this time it looks like you were in a hurry… not much of juicy critique or jokes. Still reading next week, though 🙂

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