LITERALLY, ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ Is Literally Coming Back In August

The most vapid reality show on TV (and that’s saying a lot) is coming back. The Rachel Zoe Project third season premiere airs on August 3rd. Literally.

Above, check out a clip of Rachel and Brad speaking in their trademark overdramatic staccato. Hopefully we’ll be in for another ridiculous season of trivial concerns amplified to National Security crisis level. Otherwise, this could be a BRAVOSASTER.

10 replies on “LITERALLY, ‘The Rachel Zoe Project’ Is Literally Coming Back In August”

  1. Wow… Roger needs to start thinking hard about things…. Did I miss at the end of last season when Taylor and RZ officially severed ties? Not sad to see Tay-Tay go but didn’t realize that they were completely dunzo.

  2. Ugh, yet another show I’m only watching because of you, B-Side. Stop liking things!

  3. What a bunch of stupid, trivial crap. Wake me up when the Gulf is clean & maybe I will start to care.

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