As I was pulling media for my photocap of The City, I noticed — or rather, my peaceful state was loudly interrupted by — this ad for Baskin Robbins starring Jersey Shore mook, DJ Pauly D. I couldn’t help but think this was not a smart decision. After all, as likable as Pauly D is, do we really want to associate the sex-starved boardwalk creeper with things are that are creamy and easy to swallow? Not sure about that. Then again, I suppose I just increased the Baskin Robbins brand awareness with this post; so maybe it’s shrewd marketing after all.

So what do you think? Should Baskin Robbins have DJ Pauly D as their spokesman or no?

5 replies on “YEA OR NEIGH: Do We Want DJ Pauly D To Shill Our Ice Cream?”

  1. Oh dear God no. This show (and its cast) just needs to wander off into the desert and die.

  2. Who was it that thought the screaming repetitive BR ad featuring Ice Cream and Cake was so bad? It’s not looking that bad now, is it???

  3. Chick that was me screaming and you are correct it looks wonderful in comparison.

  4. I don’t have any idea what this ad says (as far as the paragraph under “Mix It Up With DJ Pauly D” goes). And I’ll admit I like Jersey Shore, and Pauly’s one of the few cast members I think is funny. But the only reason this ad works for me is because he reminds me of the hot weather of a Jersey Shore summer, and the picture of ice cream. Now I want ice cream. Of course, it doesn’t have to be BR. So, I guess it “sorta” worked. Kind of like the show “sorta” works.

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