Very exciting news on The City this week. Among the many personalities making a cameo on the show was Neel Shah from Page Six. Why would this be exciting? Well, time for a fun little story. Back in the early days of TVgasm, Neel Shah emailed me about writing recaps for this new show called Laguna Beach. I didn’t really know who the guy was except that he seemed fairly intrepid and that he went to Dartmouth also. I told him he was more than welcome to take on Laguna, but when the time came to do his first recap, he had to bail for some reason (I think he may have landed a job at Gawker or something). Nevertheless, I took on the recap at the last second, and the rest is history. The Laguna Beach coverage on TVgasm kind of blew up, and in turn so did The Hills, and next thing I knew, I was in Malibu partying with the cast at one of the premiere parties (I wasn’t allowed to blog about it, sadly, but man did I want to). So basically, a nice chunk of my blogging success, at least as it relates to MTV, is thanks to Neel Shah flaking. And now here we were, going all sorts of meta and postmodern with Neel Shah actually appearing on The City with his own title card and everything. Life is strange.

Anyway, Neel popped up on this week’s episode when he and Erin Kaplan met for dinner. The frustrated Elle employee tried to plant a story about Olivia’s lack of unprofessionalism, but the attempt went largely unheeded. Instead, Page Six ran an item about the new “Belle” of Elle, causing us all to gasp in fear that Olivia — who was seen schmoozing her ass off all episode — might be given the glowing new title. Fear not though. The crown went to the new fashion editor, and Olivia was once again stymied in her quest for supremacy. This, of course, resulted in feline smirking from Erin and 19th century Victorian repressed anger from Olivia. It was fantastic.

Meanwhile, over in Whitney’s world, Glamour magazine wanted to profile her line on “The Nice Page” or something like that. Kelly advised Whit-Whit to bring one of the People’s Revolution staffers over to give a sense of legitimacy, but what did Whitney opt for? Roxy! Why? Well, the producers probably made her take her, but nevertheless, Kelly was not pleased. She warned Whitney that it was a bad move, and just in case she had any doubts, Kelly added “I’VE NEVER BEEN WRONG.”

Sure enough, Kelly was right about being wrong. Roxy showed up (late) to the Glamour meeting and then proceeded to make a fool of herself by simultaneously speaking out of line and belittling Whitney’s own collection. It’s about time we saw The Roxter undermining again. FEELS GOOD. In the end, both girls got a slap on the wrist from Kelly, who pretty much did an “I told you so” before calling Roxy a freak.

All in all, another solid episode full of passive-aggresive posturing and Joe Zee saying “LOVE IT!!”

“Well, Whitney, I suppose you could take Roxy to your Glamour magazine meeting, but she’s not very experienced, and she tends to sabotage you, and she’s kind of is the worst. But what do I know? Oh yeah, one more thing: I’VE NEVER BEEN WRONG.”

“Okay. So I’ll bring Roxy!”

“It’s your choice, but just remember, I’VE NEVER BEEN WRONG.”

“Got it. Affirmative on Roxy.”

“Actually, I would say no on Roxy, and I say this because I’VE NEVER BEEN WRONG.”

“Perfect! I’ll invite Roxy right now.”

“Ugh. I don’t have time for this. It’s FUCKING FASHION WEEK.”

“I thought that was last week.”


“Hahahhahaa. This is funny. Okay Whitney, now show us your REAL look book.”
“This IS my real look book.”
“Hahahaha, who knew you had such a sense of humor!”

Joe Zee: “LOVE your suit! It’s caaaayute!”
Olivia: “I find it to be unprofessional.”

“Are you still talking? I’m so bored.”

“Gosh. Isn’t Olivia the WORST?”

“Thanks for the invite, Joe! I’d love to attend the Elie Tahari party. You will be picking me up in a chariot though, yes? Anything less would be rather unprofessional.”

Olivia: “If Robbie Myers wants to look brittle, then fine. I CAN BE BRITTLE TOO.”

Joe Zee: “Thanks for coming, Neel!”
“What was that? I just woke up.”

Kelly: “Whitney? Whitney? Earth to Whitney.”
Whitney: “Sorry. I just fell asleep with my eyes open again.”

What did you think about the episode?

5 replies on “THE CITY PHOTOCAP: Gossip Girls”

  1. Great story about Neel Shah. Back when I lived in NYC, I read Gawker religiously and he was definitely an intern/blogger for them. That man has a great head of hair.

    My fave caption: “If Robbie Myers wants to look brittle, then fine. I CAN BE BRITTLE TOO.”

  2. I am raising a glass to Neel Shah tonight. I can’t imagine my life without you… (Intended to be said in a totally non-creepy way. But it’s true. And I promise I’m not stalking you.)

    I couldn’t believe they’d set Whitney up to be such an idiot. First, if Kelly, who’s a little crazy but a mentor to die for, told me not to do something, I’d NOT do it out of fear. Sheesh. Second, I couldn’t believe Whitney would be so unprofessional on camera saying, ‘Yeah, Kelly said this.” That would come back to haunt her even if she was right and Roxy pulled through. Third, she practically made it sound like Roxy was her partner. Despite anything else, it’s HER line. She needs to take full claim of it, or if it ever goes big Roxy might have on-camera proof her he stake in profits.

    Get it together, Whit.

  3. Roxy IS a freak. Remember when she lied about working for Rachel Zoe. I am surprised Kelly Bensimon hasn’t accused Roxy of being gross and weird.

    Seth (the assistant and apparent two face) is becoming my latest fav to watch. Seemingly besties with Olivia to her face and then questioning Erin about how much does Olivia reallllllly do? HA.


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