When it comes to chilly experiences, Jill Zarin has become an expert on the subject. First she received the coldest of cold receptions at Ramona’s Caribbean getaway. Then she felt something even icier: ice. Yes, in one of the most amusing moments of this season of The Real Housewives of New York City, Jill Zarin totally bit it face-first on an ice rink at her much-hyped skating party. The scene was so funny that my friend jash and I rewound it at least ten times in a row, each time with more raucous laughter than the next. I think it’s officially the funniest pratfall in Housewives history, taking the mantle away from Vicki, who famously toppled over while receiving an award.

Of course, part of the satisfaction of watching Jill take a spill comes from seeing some small bit of cosmic justice for her increasingly controlling and vicious behavior. She’s gone through quite the descent this season, and even the most ardent Jill fans (ie. ME) have had to reevaluate their dedication to her. It’s been sad, really. For two years, she was the mother hen that most fans loved. Now she’s the most despised person on the show, and it’s not only because of the whole Bethenny brouhaha. It’s because Jill has emerged as something of a monster, lashing out at those she feels have slighted her, allying with those who enable her, and more or less waltzing through every episode with a raging sense of entitlement.

It seems, however, that Jill might be getting the picture. After her attempt to surprise Ramona in the Caribbean backfired tremendously (causing one of the most awkward moments EVER), it became clear that her friendships were falling apart all around her. Just take one look at Alex, who looked like she was about to barf on her pedicurist at the mere sight of Jill. I’m not sure I’ve really seen someone have such a visceral reaction to another person before, and watching Ramona hug and console Alex afterwards as if the Boogeyman himself had just sauntered in for a Fresca was highly entertaining.

Jill, of course, was livid that no one had embraced her with open arms. She did have a very minor point — I can’t imagine flying in to surprise my friends and have them not care in the slightest. However, we also have to look at the context of the situation. First, these women had just endured the chaos that was Kelly (who conveniently left the island getaway after her mental breakdown the night prior). After all that craziness, they just wanted to relax and not deal with an overbearing presence like Jill. Having her and Ramona in the same room for more than ten minutes meant that there’d be drama, and no one was in the mood.

Second, Jill had already shunned the trip, and so her arrival felt less like a genuine desire to be with friends than a ploy for plaudits and attention. It was insincere, and given that she was on bad terms with two of the four women present, the entire thing felt more or less passive-aggressive.

And so Jill retreated to her vehicle, angry at Ramona that her nice gesture had been rejected. As usual, Jill put things in black and white, saying that Ramona had chosen Alex over her — a gross oversimplification, and one that could be easily thrown back at Jill, who was acting like a snubbing victim when it was she who had originally done the snubbing in the first place. The entire impasse was uncomfortable yet amazing, but soon Jill and Bawwwby flew off to St. Barts, leaving the rest of the women to spend their last night in peace, save for a brief medical emergency involving Ramona and an errant bit of lobster shell.

Eventually, everyone returned to NYC, and Kelly made her triumphant return to the public when she met Jill, LuAnn, and Jennifer for lunch. The model continued to make no sense, and the only thing crazier than the words coming out of her mouth was the strange gray contraption Jennifer had chosen to wear for the occasion. She kind of looked like a charcoal meringue, if that makes sense. Anyway, Kelly told her warped, nonsensical side of the story, causing great horror in LuAnn, who went into extreme Countess mode when she heard the term “Ho-bag.” This resulted in LuAnn’s patented brand of haughty condescension, which admittedly can be awful but instead came off as hilariously wonderful this time around. I don’t know what was funnier: witnessing her enormous disdain or listening her say “ho-bag” over and over again.

As for the rest of the episode, it was something of a whirlwind of gossip and bickering. LuAnn continued to cull information about the island getaway at a party hosted by Sonja (which featured a wonderful entrance by Ramona doing her classic eyes-darting-everwhere-in-confusion gambit), and later on, Jill threw her ice skating party, which featured another appearance from Kelly. This led to more drama, naturally, when Ramona walked in. Kelly accused her of not having her back down in the Caribbean, causing Ramona to press her hands against her temples and do the “OMG, I am too crazy to deal with your crazy right now” face. It’s always hilarious, yet unsettling, when Ramona becomes the voice of reason on this show.

Meanwhile, when she wasn’t biting it on the ice, Jill was busy talking with her sister about how badly she missed Bethenny. She called up her wayward friend right then and there and put a lunch on the books. But will they make amends? Eh, probably not. I guess we’ll find out next week on the (gasp!) season finale.

Oh, Bravo. Why does it have to be over? It’s been so wonderful. Don’t leave us with those dull women from New Jersey. It’s just not the same!

“I just wanna know why no one else dressed like Joan Collins on holiday?”

“UGH! Why can’t I just go into labor now?”

Sonja: “Ladies, as my gift to you all, I arranged for us to all get mani-pedis. Then afterwards you get to watch while a native man pins me down and has his way with my lady regions. He’s exotic, you know. A Chinaman!”

“This is so relaxing. Nothing could ruin this. Well, I guess if Jill Zarin suddenly appeared, that would ruin it. But it’s not like THAT’s gonna happen.”

“I don’t like this. I don’t like that you just walked in, Jill. I’m in shock. I’m a little in shock. I gotta say, I’m in shock. And now I’m concerned for Bethenny’s baby. I want it to be healthy. That’s my thing. I want people to be healthy. I’m just a very, I don’t know, caring person like that. I think maybe it came from me being renewed. I’m going through a renewal. I don’t know if you noticed, but I cut my hair. Some people think I’m Cameron Diaz now. I don’t know. I’M JUST IN SHOCK, JILL!”

“Well this is the last time I try to surprise anyone in a thinly veiled attempt to earn accolades and attention!”

Sonja: “Ramona! Are you okay! My boobs will save you!”
Alex: “That bit of lobster is in your throat. It is a MEAN morsel, and while it is in your throat, I AM IN BROOKLYN!!!”
Sonja: “What are you talking about? You’re right here.”
“I was being metaphorical. I kind of felt like I was in the Brooklyn region of the table.”
“I could see that. Oh dear, I think Ramona’s dead.”

“I’d like to add that Jill Zarin is in high school, and while she is in high school, I AM IN THE CARIBBEAN SMILING AT NOTHING IN PARTICULAR!!!”

“Wait, so you’re not supposed to eat the lobster shell? Is that why I choked? Because I swear I saw Daryl Hannah eat lobster shell in that one mermaid movie. What was it called? The Splash? I don’t know. Avery knows these things.”

“What? It’s called just Splash? Wait, is it Splash or Just Splash? See, why wouldn’t they call it THE Splash. When you jump in water, that’s called the splash. That’s what happens when you jump in. You get the splash. Sorry. It’s what happens.”

“And you know, when the mermaid was in New York, she was kind of making a splash; so really, the movie should have been called A Splash or Making A Splash or Making A Splash In Manhattan: A Mermaid’s Tail. Spelled like ‘tail’ not ‘tale.’ I don’t know why people don’t think of these things. This is the way I think. I see an idea, and I just say it. And it works. That’s just how I do it. If it were me, I would have called it, True Splash. That’s what I would have called it. Sorry. I’m just being honest. True Splash.

“I don’t like being in handcuffs. I feel like I’ve been arrested. For crimes. For SEX crimes! [insert one-eyed gawky laugh] Did you hear that? I said SEX crimes! Because these are like, like sex toys. Tap Sonja. I don’t think she heard me. SONJA. I said I got arrested for a sex crime! You get it?”

“This is going into the first chapter of my new book, The Skinny Girl’s Guide To Being The Karate Kid.”

“I like this soda. Someday, I hope I alienate it, and then when it least expects it, I’ll surprise it and demand that it shower me with praise.”

“You guys don’t understand. Bethenny attacked me. She said hello; so I called her a ho-bag. I feared for my life!”

“You called her a ho-bag? WELL, that’s certainly not a classy thing to say. You know, someone once called ME a ho-bag. Well, not a ho-bag. I believe the term was ‘snake.’ Okay, I’ll just say it: Bethenny called me a snake. Would you believe her? ME! A snake!”

“Zip it, LuAnn.”

“Excuse me? Did you just tell me to zip it? JE CROIS PAS!”

“Well, you just made fun of my very dear friend, Gwyneth. Gwyneth Paltrow.”

“Huh? She didn’t say a thing.”

“I know what I heard. And that wasn’t very nice of you to say that about my OTHER very good friend, Ham.”


“Hamburger Helper. The little glove? UGH. You just don’t get it. Al Sharpton over here drinking her soda and mocking my best friend, just because he’s a glove with a smiley face.”

“I don’t know what Hamburger Helper is, and I’m not sure I care to find out. Do the poors eat it?”

“Look, I’m not here to gossip. I hate gossiping. I hate badmouthing people. Ew. It’s just gross. So anyway, let me badmouth those women and spread gossip.”

Ramona: “I need someone to settle this. I clearly announced that I’d be wearing a top made of tinfoil, but then Bethenny here, who I ADORE, did the same thing.”
Bethenny: “So wrong that I wear tinfoil over my boobs? I gotta get permission for every wardrobe choice I make?”
“I just think it’s rude. No, you know what it is? It’s déclassé. That’s what it is. Sorry. It’s déclassé. And this is why you have no friends and your father hated you. Sorry, just being honest. I can’t help it.”

“I just want to say that anyone who didn’t come to this ice skating party is now officially no longer my friend.”

“Kelly, you’re so crazy that your making my crazy eyes look normal. Do you see? They look regular now! Regular!!”

“Isn’t this just a riot? Skating on ice? I do wish this Asian would show some class and let me skate by. It seems rather nasty of her to block my path. I find it so difficult to command respect in these ethnic environments. Excuse me, Miss? Miss? Do you mind skating to the side, please?”
“Huh? Oh. Okay, I’m sorry.”
“Excuse me? What did you say?”
“I said sorry.”
“My goodness. She called me a snake! Would you believe she called me a snake? The mouth on that one. So nasty!”

“And now I’d like to present my patented move, the Zarin Axel: 3-2-1–“

“Hold on, hold on. Let me try that again. I just need to get my balance, and then I’ll be able to–“

“BAWWWWBY, I’m cold. My costume needs more ZAAAARIN FAAAABRRR–“

“Would you look at Jill? She just fell on her face. Maybe she’s a bit lopsided after all that pizza at lunch. She does love it so… [insert haughty Countess laugh here]”

“Luann! Luann! Watch me do this–“

“Jill, my love, you need to skate with elegance and grace. I wrote a song about it. Hit it, boys:”
When you’re skating on a frozen rink,
And you see a man you just might think,
That he should hold the door for you
And never wear the color blue.
Because the color blue is for the sky
And a Lady only wants to buy
Things she can find on Earth
That will only bring her endless mirth.

C’est mal, c’est ça. C’est mal, ç’est ca.

“LuAnn, please stop singing. I fell. So wrong that I fell? It’s a free country. I’ve fallen countless times in the past, and–“

“Hmph. Serves her right for calling ME countless. Can you believe she said that about me? I mean, not while skating near the Cancer Society! NEVER while skating near the Cancer Society!”

What did you think about the episode? Are we sad to see this season ending next week?

45 replies on “REAL HOUSEWIVES PHOTOCAP: Housewives On Ice!”

  1. Awesome recap!!! This episode was fantastic, I can’t wait for the reunion. On all the blogs, the women are saying the reunion was insane.

    It was nice to see Jill taken down a notch. We saw a somewhat humble side to her, until she cried on Bwabbby’s shoulder saying that the other women were mean. At that point we were right back to regular Jill. Maybe the reason her and Kelly get along is because they are both delusional.

    Jill + Ice= The best screen this season, even my fiance who can’t stand these catty women laughed out loud and was happy it happened to Jill.

    B-Side, I am shocked, shocked that you didn’t talk about Ramona’s giant scrunchie in her hair at the ice rink. It was so delcasse, she needs to “re”-think that hairdo before being filmed!

  2. Yes, I am very sad to see this season ending. The ladies from New Jersey are awful and their season, so far, has been so boring. As for New York, at least we have one more episode and a reunion show to look forward to!

  3. I can NOT wait for the reunion and see LuAnn & Jill’s reaction of Kelly’s meltdown on the yacht.

    AND, did you notice that Kelly told LuAnn that Bethanny “ADMITTED” that she had a smear campaign against her? What a nutbag.

  4. I can’t wait for the reunion show. I hope they sit that crazy Kelly down and replay what happened right in front of everyone. Why did she say that Bethanny admitted that she had a smear campaign against her when she NEVER said that. She said she never submitted anything to the press about her. Clearly there is something mentally wrong with her and she needs help fast. Even LuAnn and Jill were throwing her under the bus during the lunch.

    I felt a tiny bit bad for Jill when she got rejected at the St. John’s.

    1. I think Bethenny was probably being sarcastic (HINT: Joke, Kelly. She was joking) when she said (if she said) that she had been smearing Kelly and kids name all over the press.
      This furthers my idea that Kelly has Asperger’s Syndrome. She truly cannot comprehend metaphors, sarcasm and just plain silly jokes (like the stomping of grapes).
      Personally, I don’t know how long I could listen Behthenny’s voice or tolerate her “acerbic) personality.After awhile, I find her just plain annoying; however, she does hold up really well against Kelly’s ludicrosity (that is the time it takes for a ridiculous someone to act or say something absurd and become a STAR).
      I love this blogger. I think he will be the only one who can save the RHoNJ. Such a snooze fest with such ugly, ignorant people. Keep up the good work!

  5. “Whaaaaa – Bobby got a private jet and rerouted it so I could be here. Waaaaa.” Jill (I have so much fucking money that complaining about my private jet just seems so natural)

    How is Irish exotic?

    “This dress is extremely well trained – it knows to come off about this time of day.” Sonja.

    The guy singing ‘Figaro’ was awkwardly awful.

    Kelly STILL NUTS.

    I miss Crazy Eyes. This new sane Ramona is gross.

    I love that LuAnn told Kelly that indeed Bethenny has been hired to cater/cook/chef an event in the Hamptons. I just wish LuAnn would have added ‘You dumb ho-bag’ to the end of her sentence.


    1. That comment about the dress had me rolling! Too funny… as was the creepy groupie-dance Sonja performed for the opera singer. It was like she was in the front row of some rock concert hoping to get picked to go back stage! She is a riot.

      Kelly is waaaaaaaaaaayyyy far gone.

    2. Hey, I think Irish is exotic. Luv those accents and the attitude that only a thousand years of English oppression can bring ya!

  6. Wow… from Kelly’s blog:

    “Stop systematic bullying! Tell a teacher, friend, or adult. Everyone deserves to be loved. Four against one is never OK.”

    WTH is she talking about??

  7. Luv this photocap, luv the comments! Thanks for the laughs! I live in FL & wear scrunchies all the time. In NY alot & would never wear one in the city. Its the same as whitney’s headbands, not city chic! Jillz spill was my favorite.

  8. Jill was not mistreated when she arrived at the villa. According to the blogs posted on Bravo after the show, Ramona called Jill and asked her to meet Kelly at the airport to make sure that Kelly made it home safely and with some support. The blogs say that even Bethenny got on the line to try to drive the point home to Jill. At no point during those conversations, did Jill mention that she was going to be dropping in at the villa, and when she did arrive, she did not acknowledge the fact that she had already spoken the everyone about the Kelly drama. She didn’t care. She’s not a friend to Kelly, or anyone else for that matter. Her priority was making sure that she was there being filmed. Furthermore, some of the blogs (Mario’s for sure), say that Jill tried to plan a competing trip, but everyone chose to go on Ramona’s. Any contrition you see on Jill’s part in the interviews is because those interviews were conducted in April, long after Jill had time to realize how poorly she was coming off. Jill is disgusting.

    1. Yeah, Jill assumes we won’t find out and her story will play. This assumption may work sometimes in real life but with video cameras following you around (and editors willing to show her bad side) it ain’t working for her this season!

      1. I agree Viewer1023…Jill is not a real friend to NO one!! I read some where that the bravo staff escorted Kelly back to NY and I’m sure to the hospital or her home.
        I doubt very seriously that Kelly would admit that she spent a a couple days or even 24 hours in the psych ward.

        SHAME on bravo for even airing this or even allowing her to stay on the show. She is clearly a danger to herself and those around her!!

  9. hilarious blog. thank you, thank you, thank you.

    i thought ramona looked great in some of her solo cameo commentaries last night – with the flat straight hair style. very flattering.

    and, did you notice that when kelly went to lunch with jill, et al., she now seemed to be claiming that Bethenny is not even a cook! forget the cook/chef distinction, now she isn’t a cook?

  10. My points:

    1. As much as I dislike the Countess, I also secretly love her haughty, passive-aggressive condescension. And of course, her complete lack of self-awareness. Ben, you always bring out the hilarity of the Countess’ core.

    2. Sonja is still hilarious. I think she’s aiming for a sex-advice talk show to come out of all of this. And the previews for next week briefly show Jill and the Countess being annoyed by Sonja. Please, please, please, Sonja, I think you have the charm, the wit, and the smarts to bring these women down…and the world will thank you for it!

    3. I actually feel bad for Kelly cuz she does seem to have major issues. And I can only imagine how she must be going even crazier right now given all the negative reaction pretty much from the whole world (brought upon all by herself, of course).

  11. Excellent recap and pic caps.
    When Jill showed up I thought that Alex was going to have a nervous breakdown too! She was just so upset, and I don’t blame her, and Jill standing there like they are in the Hamptons, and just stopped by for a short visit.

    Gotta love Bobby tho’ trying to spin the reasoning behind this visit, such a nice guy.

    Kelly seems to remember nothing of what really happened in St Johns, what would cause her to act like that? and she is raising kids, a little scary, wonder how she felt after seeing the show

  12. Kelly tellng her side to the girls at lunch, I was catching flies–my jaw was on the floor. She is pathological.

    I don’t get why there are so many positive comments about SonjaT. She’s nuts too, just nicer than Kelly. After starting a discussion about sex, again, she wonders aloud in talking head comments why the conversation always turns to sex around her. Perhaps because you steer it that way? When she was on WWHL she never stopped primping and looking at herself on camera, sticking out her chest and her lips, positioning and repositioning herself for the best angle. She reminded me of a hooker.

      1. I like her, too. I think of all of them, she has the most REAL compassion in her heart. And the statement about her dress was hilarious. I was falling on the floor with laughter. So adorable. And very kind hearted.

    1. OD said it best.

      For the record, though, I think she was being facetious when she marveled as to why the convo always turns to sex around her.

  13. Ok, I’m either incredibly gullible, stupid, or watching a different show than everybody else. While Jill had already said she wasn’t going on the trip (and rightfully so, she had just fought with Alex and was still going through her stuff with Bethenny), it seemed as if she really did have good intentions for the surprise. She was genuinely hurt and offended when they were disgusted with her arrival (Alex was so overly dramatic that i wanted to slap her). I’m not the biggest Jill fan, but I don’t see that she only did this for attention or airtime. I’m sure those were part of her intentions, but not all of it. One of the commenters above mentioned Mario’s blog which I haven’t read yet, but that man has been catty and mean about everybody since the beginning in his blogs and they’re so overwhelmingly negative that I don’t even bother reading them anymore.

    Did I just spend that much time analyzing a bunch of reality show participants? Shoot me now.

    1. I agree that Jill had good intentions and thought that it would be a nice surprise. But, that just shows how deluded she is, and how she cannot see why the others would have a problem with her. LuAnn tried to warn her, and she refused to believe that she wouldn’t be welcomed. The ego on that woman!

      KLA, if you get shot for obsessing over housewives, we’re all going down with you.

      1. Thanks jennifer30309. At least I’m not alone. (you’re totally right btw, even as pres/ceo of the jill fan club, even I can concede she’s delusional).

        1. I, too, thought they were extremely hard on Jill. What everyone continues to fail to mention is that Jill was invited. In fact, Ramona not only invited her, she insisted she go. So I can understand why Jill thought she would be welcome. Although it was tacky to just show up after declining the invite, she thought she was welcome, and that Ramona, at least, would be pleased to see her. I feel bad for Jill. She’s coming off so badly this season, and I really do like her.

  14. @KLA,

    Yes, you must be watching a different show. Last season maybe? Jill made an APPEARANCE at the house in St. John. A calculated appearance which she thought would help her gain points (with everyone). But like Ramona told Jill (Dear God, she is the sane one here?) if she had come in more humbly and apologetic about dropping in, and not making out like you’re a grand prize bestowed by the gods, she would have gotten a better reception. She ignored the “elephant in the room” aka that everyone hates her. Jill only feels left out because Bethanny has moved on with her life, husband and baby in tow, without her. This was very apparent. And this comes from a former Jill-cheerleader. I feel totally duped.

    1. totally true. I just thought she felt awkward and didn’t know how to handle her entrance, as opposed to her feeling as though she’s a huge prize and she’s gracing everyone with her presense. Saying that these women don’t know how to handle awkward situations well is kind, they handle them in the worst possible way for everyone involved.

  15. I just found this blog–and of all I have read, this is (by far) the best of the recaps! I love the photo essay at the end, in particular.

    I found it hilarious at the end of the city luncheon (where Jill, Jenn, and LuAnn all see Kelly’s brand of Kooka-doodle-doo up close and personal), when LuAnn says, “At least they didn’t talk about me! Did they talk about me? Please tell me they talked about me!” (Ok–I made up the 3rd comment but she’s such an attention whore).

    Jill was completely self-absorbed to think could arrive at Ramona’s getaway and be well accepted . Out of the 4 women left there, she is not even on speaking terms with two of them, more or less dislikes one (Ramona) and doen’st even know the last (Sonja). What the hell did she think was going to happen?

    But it’s not just Jill who is queen of ME. What gets me is that ALL of these women are completely self-absorbed. With some, it is more evidently in your face (hello Jill!) but not a one of them has any kind of real self-awareness. Not Alex, not LuAnn, not Bethenny–none of them.

    And of course, it is also hilarious because they are pimping themselves out on TV, they actually think they REALLY ARE authors, musicians, etc. They all really do believe their own myths–which make them all the more hilarious.

    My .02 anyway–

    Anita Vacay

  16. i’ve said it once and i’ll say it again and again…

    “a spoon full of medicine helps the sugar go down…”

    gum gum berries and la lolly pops were around to keep kelly calmed down.

    she is all kinds of crazy…

    she was and is out of line the way she talks to the other castmates on real housewives of new york. she isn’t very smart and has a hard time keeping up on what is being said to her.

    she isn’t the brightest knife in the egg carton…

    sonja let the cat out of the bag whenever she noticed the strong, strange smell that was coming from kellys’ room on the yacht. at first i thought sonja was being rude talking about someone elses yacht smelling bad, but she was smelling kelly.

    kelly smelled like a junkie, meth head, tweeker, plain old cat pee.

    kelly needs all that candy to tweek out on while she uses her meth.

    crack may be wack but meth is best for kelly bensimon…

    she is sick, she is very very sick…

    bravo and her ex. needs to get her tested and off this show (rhny) for the sake of her kids and for her own sake as well…

    i’m just sayin’…(o.m.g.) i’ll just ‘zip it’ now…

    1. My daughter said the same thing Wow. Because from the way she acted something is seriously wrong with her and she do act as if she is high off of something I thought maybe it was cocaine but my daughter said it is crst. meth. Wow.

  17. This may be my favorite photocap ever. Your Ramona captions are so dead on! I can totally picture her actually saying it all.

  18. I just found this blog too – great recap – laughing out loud!!! LOVE the photo/captions – what a hoot!

  19. I h ave watched show from beginning, as well as all of the Housewive Shows, and in my opinion, Jill has shown her true colors, she is no longer the Queen Bee of the show. I feel she was nasty in showing up to the villa unnannounced with that bogus story that Bobby gave about them flying to the Caribbean anyway etc. Jill never gave Ramona a yes when she asked Sonja and her to attend, Ramona was very sweet in the way she took them to lunch and wanted to make sure they would both attend, JILL chose not to because of Bethanny and Alex. Then to just show up, was ridiculous and an obvious ploy for more tv time. Kelly is crazy, she is either on drugs or just nutty, but truth is just like Danielle on NJ show, she is the odd man out for the most part, although she tags along with Lu Ann and Jill. Cant stand Lu Ann, and her singing voice is awful, worse than Kim with her Tardy song. Ramona is the nice one on the show this season, and Sonja is great.

  20. I saw the following information on another site and pasted it here. I thought some of the readers might be interested.

    “JayneSnow: Thu, Jun 3 2010 at 12:59 PM EDT

    I think we are all pretty much pissed about the TV guide article so let’s let everyone know. Bravo cannot be counted on as far as listening to viewers go.
    Plan is to email TV Guide and as many others as you like.
    Then post on every blog and facebook you can think of like we did with petittion. Just copy and paste the following: (let me know if it can be improved)

    We, the viewers of Real Housewives of New York are fed up with Jill Zarin and the way she is portrayed in the press and on TV. Just last night she was on EXTRA promoting a book that is well known to be garbage. A. Chandle the #1 reviewer at Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/review/RA5UPKPM4DJAK has been threatened and harrassed by Jill Zarin. Jill Zarin has written positive reviews for her own book under fake names while posting negative reviews to her castmate’s books. She also has a history of doing this with the Fabric store her husband owns.
    Please keep this woman off TV and out of the press. It is time for her to pay the consequences for her actions.
    Thank You,
    Housewives viewers”

  21. You make me laugh so much! Favorites:

    “I just want to say that anyone who didn’t come to this ice skating party is now officially no longer my friend.


    Al Sharpton over here drinking her soda and mocking my best friend, just because he’s a glove with a smiley face

    You are too great and I will miss your RHONY recaps! Until next season…

  22. This made me laugh out loud! I’d like to use this as a screensaver, so that I can always remember how much fun I had hating Jill this season.

    “I like this soda. Someday, I hope I alienate it, and then when it least expects it, I’ll surprise it and demand that it shower me with praise.”

  23. This blog just hit the spot. I was rolling in laughter, crying my eyes out especially when I read ““Kelly, you’re so crazy that your making my crazy eyes look normal. Do you see? They look regular now! Regular!!”, and then the caption about Luann passing an asian woman. This season showed the other side of the hpusewives. Jill is a self -absorbed woman whose head got bigger as the show went on. She keeps tab of who did what to her and forms a “team” to help her get back to whomever crossed her path. This is what happens to people who weren’t popular growing up and then found power and money. They then use that to demean and defeat people. Kelly has been odd since the beginning. She uses a lot of methaphor that doesn’t make sense like “a robin to batman”, “this is so much like 1979″(?), “chanelling the devil”..etc. I don’t think she ever grew up, still sucking on those lollipops to make her feel better when things don’t go as she plans. Then on to Ramona who hasn’t lost her sharp tongue but has become somewhat sensitive and protective of Bethanny like a mother hen. Alex who found her self and no longer a push over. Luann, well she is still in cloud nine living up above everyone else with “really, darling” and the “evil voice” on Jill’s ear about Bethanny. I love Sonja, she’s the fresh air that RHNYC needs. A real person that doesn’t take sides and a real friend who takes care of those in need like Kelly. I will definitely miss all of them. They make my life a lot less stressful in comparison.

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