Nylon magazine held a party for “Young Hollywood” last night, and my friend Jenny and her friends managed to wrangle invites for themselves. Jenny got me on the list too, but by the time I got there, the fire marshall had shown up and shut down the line. This was a tragic setback for me and my celebrity sighting ambitions, but fear not, I did have two noteworthy run-ins. First, as I mentioned in my City photocap, I walked right by Whitney Port, who looked stunning — no exaggeration. Less glamorous but still worthy of my excitement was my second “star”: Robyn from Kell on Earth. She was actually working the door, and I must admit I felt a sense of trepidation as I approached her. I thought she was going to just throw me out of the Roosevelt Hotel (and then complain that I hadn’t filed something properly). My interaction with her was fine though, and she merely redirected me to a table outside for check-in (which, sadly, never happened thanks to the pesky fire marshall).

Well, I missed out, but Jenny got into the party, and she brought along her little Pink Toy Phone. I capitalize the letters because Jenny and her friends have launched a little Facebook community devoted to this “phone,” which in actuality is just a trinket from McDonald’s. The deal with the Pink Toy Phone is that Jenny and her friends bring it to cool places (usually in Hollywood) and take pictures of it with various people, celebrities, or who knows what. Just think of it as Flat Stanley, except not flat and much gayer.

Nevertheless, Jenny certainly got a few choice pics of the phone with various luminaries (mostly from The Hills). Her pics — with and without the phone — after the jump.

Here’s Jenny with someone. I probably should know who he is, but I don’t. Needless to say, he is HAPPY.

That’s Jenny’s friend in the middle. The other two guys I guess were part of a band. And no, the gentleman on the left is not Joaquin Phoenix.

The famous pool at the Roosevelt.

Jenny with Brody, who seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself.

Back from obscurity it’s (drumroll please)…. Wes Bentley!

Ooooh. Clandestine shot of Brody and Audrina!

Stacie the Bartender!

Brody enjoying the Pink Toy Phone yet again. He must really laaaaaaahke it.

Don’t know who this chap is, but he certainly is FESTIVE!

Jenny and her crew hamming it up on the red carpet.

Amber Rose takes the Pink Toy Phone out for a spin.

Kristin Cavallari (looking vaguely like Jessica Simpson) has some fun with the phone.

And finally, la pièce de résistance…

KELLY CUTRONE. According to Jenny, Kelly told the girls after the photo how much she LOVED them. My jealousy was through the roof.

And that’s it! Thanks for sharing your pics with the blog, Jenny!

6 replies on “Inside the Nylon Young Hollywood Party”

  1. So wishing I was there with you guys 🙁
    Just started reading your blog today – you’ve got such a great way of writing, that keeps the reader interested. You’ve got the dlisted snark + a little of je ne sais quoi that makes your blog so very appealing.

    1. Thank you for coming to the site, New Fan! I hope you keep coming back. Tell your friends!

  2. You not getting inside this party is probably the worst thing ever! That would have been GOLD!!!

  3. What’s with the hemline of Whitney’s dress? Looks like she could use that pocket to hold newspapers on her paper route.

  4. In that first picture with brody, what are frankie and taylor (sleazy t) doing? lol

  5. rhea- in that first pic, i had just told frankie to get in the pic and he said “no. the girls only like BRODY!” apparently he thought this to be hilarious as seen in the picture.

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