I continue to make little changes here and there to this site, and here’s the latest news. First, thanks to Lisa Timmons, I found a plugin which allows me to add greater functionality to the nav bar at the top of the site. Now I can put more than just page links in the bar, which means greater possibilities for everyone involved (yay!). Here’s the latest:

Forums are back! Wait, they existed in the first place? Yes, they did! Feel free to loiter about in them and discuss whatever you want with the fellow readers. Simply click on the forums tab above (or go directly to https://bsideblog.com/forums/). I will make a greater effort to increase my presence in there too.

Random Posts
The random post button used to be hidden in the sidebar, but now it’s that purdy yellow tab at the top of the nav bar. Click on it to go to a random post from this site’s extensive archives. Relive some fond memories or merely discover old content. It could be a good time waster.

TV & Food
People seem to come here mainly for two things: to talk about TV or to talk about food. Now they’re both easily accessible in the nav bar. Just click on the respective tabs to go straight to the content you’re looking for (and if for some reason what you’re looking for is not there, feel free to use the search field in the sidebar or browse the categories using the dropdown menu on the right).

Retweet This Post
See a post that you like. WELL OF COURSE YOU DID. Now you can share it more easily. Just click the “retweet this post” button, and the site will load up a tweet for you (replete with a shortened URL) to send. Once you’re redirected to Twitter (in a new window), all you’ll have to do is click “Tweet.” Please feel free to use this button LIBERALLY.

That’s it for now. More updates as they come in…

5 replies on “A Few More Tweaks To B-Side Blog”

  1. Well, I’ve discovered a new obsession: I cannot leave that “No comments yet. How awkward.” notice standing.

    So, I’m in.

    But I do appreciate the increased functionality around here, always, and my obsession with posting where none other has gone before really just continues to fuel my thrills at the audacious SPEED with which my thoughts go from here–my fingertips–to THERE, your little sector in the webbyverse. It’s like “SHAZAAAAAM!”

  2. The best part of the new site by far is the “Random Post” addition. I literally spent two hours at work today clicking it. Loved seeing all the old Big Brother photocaps!

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