Last night my friend Meeshie sent me an email directing me to the Facebook fan page for Dave Ball, the Survivor: Samoa contestant who we last saw bearing his chest for one lucky lady. Why? Well, it looks like Dave tried to flirt with one fan, but.. well… take a look at the following exchange:


Oops! Better luck next time.

6 replies on “Great Moments In Failed Flirtations”

  1. On the contrary B-Side, I’m sure Dave knows EXACTLY what he’s doing here. @Indianjones, 11 years old in 2010 is like 17 years old in 1988, it can be pretty whorry. In my day we waited until we were 14 to dress like 17 year old sluts!

  2. Funny, HB. I wonder whether Dave and Leah continued their chat through PM, and whether Dave has met Chris Hanson yet.

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