Well This Is Fun

Sorry for the lack of content today. Hopefully a Survivor photocap will be up later. In the meantime, check out this surprisingly good cover of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” courtesy of Chris Daughtry (it’s a few months old, but whatever).
And after the jump, another special cover of the very same song, courtesy of Eric Cartman…

10 replies on “Well This Is Fun”

  1. i am so with you you dsc on the glasses. Altho I do detect a strong glare coming off his dome.

  2. hb’s comment is 3 out of 4, but there is no 4. ?? Is this one of those things to blame on the robot?

  3. The original comment #4, the spot-on observation that Chris Daughtry looks like the guy from the original Hills Have Eyes .. and sounds like him too .. has been deleted.
    I didn’t think it was rude but it wasn’t kissing the b-side-butt so it had to go.

  4. Actually, the comment was spam from something called “Free Games,” which is why it had to go.
    And DeathTax (aka Saint Sarah aka Thisishermothercalling aka Bobisnotmyuncle aka Fishpiss aka Swooshimdone aka Slackjaw aka Jackmaster etc etc), you can change your commenting name as many times as you want, but I still know your IP address. Maybe you should choose one name and stick to it. Thanks!

  5. I am aware with my every post and every name change that you know my IP address, my city, state, and to whom I pay my Internet bill. Big whoop. That concerns me about oh not at all. I don’t change posting nics to hide or thinking you won’t know it’s “me.” Again, don’t care. Don’t want me posting? Use that oh-so-powerful “I know your IP address” power and ban me. Or just keep not accepting my posts. I’m content knowing you see them, special boy :*

  6. ^^you know, you sound a lot more “special” than B.

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