Shocking things happened on this week’s episode of The City. The previously isolated worlds of People’s Revolution and Elle magazine came together for an event so fraught with drama, I could barely lift my jaw off the ground. Okay, there really wasn’t much drama at all. Kelly didn’t yell at anyone. Roxy didn’t undermine anything (well, a little — but that’s in her nature), and Olivia didn’t act totally awful. Just about the only thing that did happen was Freddy showing up (entirely underdressed too — major WASP no no). The lack of excitement, however, did not mean it wasn’t totally fun to watch because honestly, it was. Then again, EVERYTHING about this season of The City is totally fun to watch. Even Jay, who made a grimy, annoying return, wasn’t as insufferable as I thought he’d be. The producers wisely pushed his cameo scene off to the end of the episode, which meant if we wanted to turn the show off early, we could.
Of course, I would never do such a thing, even if Jay was yammering on about class warfare once again. Just as he always does, Jay warned Whitney about the “uptown” crowd — because, you know, Jay and his circle have certainly proven to be quite the upstanding alternative. Nevertheless, his whole anti-wealth tirade felt unpleasantly like an artifact from last season, and in a show that has grown so magnificently, it felt jarringly out of place. We don’t care about the bohemians anymore. Let us never see Jay again! (But please bring back Nevin)

Whitney, meanwhile, handled Jay’s stupidity fairly well, rebuking him when he tried to naysay Freddy Fackelmayer. She informed the Aussie that she was faring quite well with the blue-bloods, and never was this more evident than earlier in the episode when Freddy had ambushed Whit-Whit with his dad, Fridolin Fackelmayer. Yes, Freddy and Fridolin Fackelmayer. And what did they talk about? Whitney’s fashion line. The whole thing felt like the setup to a tongue twister: Freddy and Fridolin Fackelmayer talk fresh fashion over fish and falafel in France. Or not. The point is, things were awkward at dinner, and never more so than when Fridolin let out a haughty guffaw or two upon discussion of Whitney’s burgeoning fashion career. I kind of like this Fridolin guy. Maybe he and Kelly should meet.
Anyway, on to the photocap:

Kelly: “Just to let you all know, I do in fact plan on eating this dog.”

Roxy: “That was nice of you to wear your gray Snuggie to work.”

“By the way, the man who carved this wooden railing between our cubicles? He’s a very dear friend of mine.”

Freddy: “Dad, try not to embarrass me.”
“Tut tut tut, son. Embarrassing you is what I do.”
“But Daaaaaad…”
“You think I’m gonna name you Freddy Fackelmayer and then just STOP there? Tut tut tut tut…”

“So… what are your thoughts on Enya?”

“She’s okay.”

“You’re dead to me.”

“In other news, my melanomas are developing quite nicely.”

“Okay, who wants to start the trust fall first?”

“I’m actually sleeping at this very moment.”

Whitney: “All the single ladies! All the single ladies!”
Roxy: “Whitney, please. That was so six months ago.”
“All the single… lad–… oh.”

Freddy: “Olivia, you look wonderful. And so nice of you to dress like an ostrich!”

Kelly: “I don’t know if you’ve seen The Wizards of Waverly Place, but it’s brilliant. Really, truly brilliant.”

“Erin, I did not personally deliver this piano just for the fun of it. Now get up and play me some Bruce Hornsby. NOW!”

“Yeah, so the computer screen behind me? See that button towards the bottom? Yeah, the man who designed it is a VERY dear friend of mine.”

“I made this dress out of a napkin. Jealous?”

“So guess what I found out? There are these crazy things called showers, and you step in them, and water gets on you. Oi! Vegemite!”

“I’m not impressed.”

What did you think about the episode? Is Jay right about Freddy? And should Freddy have sprung Fridolin on Whitney?

5 replies on “THE CITY PHOTOCAP: Whitney Meets Big Poppa”

  1. The mashup also known as Kelly meets Erin was PR-tastic!! I couldn’t stop yelling F-U at my beloved TV while douchebag Jay was wimpering all over it. Loser. Too bad Kelly did not work the event with allmighty Olivia, that would have been awful. And by awful, I mean awesome.
    Did Freddy and Olivia date? I thought WhitWhit was implying they grew up together/are friends. But did Jay imply something else? Did anyone catch that?

  2. I totally agree with Emma – the weird Kelly/Erin conversation was the best. I am surprised B, that you didn’t find it entertaining enough to comment about it! You did not simply LOVE?

  3. Does anyone else think Freddie looks EXACTLY like Rex Manning from Empire Records? It’s distracting. I keep waiting for him to start singing- say no more, mon amour!

  4. I think Whitney was way wrong when she said that Fridolin Fackelmayer probably didn’t know what a sex toy is. He looks to me like a man who knows his way around many toys.
    It also looked like Freddie has some Daddy issues to work thru.
    I also love anytime Kelly gets to talk.
    Jay was being JustinBooby and Whitney was being Audrina. Meh.

  5. As a person looking in from the outside, these people on The Hills need drug rehab for their irrational ridiculous behavior. They’re like a bunch of babies on coke or something.

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