The tabloids are again filled with dastardly rumors about LuAnn Countess de Lesseps and her estranged husband Alex, a.k.a. THE COUNT. The latest gossip is that THE COUNT (ah ah ah) has left his Ethiopian lady friend / princess after he found her to be entirely too classless and common. Even more intriguingly, the wags report that Alex is now seeking the forgiveness — and ultimately a welcome home — from his scorned LuAnn. Could it be that there’s a happy ending for this fairy tale story? To paraphrase The Countess herself: no, no, no, no, no, my dear.
After the New York Post published these rumors, Alex sent off a terse email to the paper stating the following about his relationship with Princess Abajobir: “We separated amicably and will remain friends, just as our children will… I am not trying to get back with the countess in any way, as your spies suggested. We will re main [sic] friends and take care of our children.”
So where does this leave the beleaguered de Lesseps brood? I’m not quite sure. All I do know is that if you plan to discuss this gossip, please be courteous and refrain from mentioning anything at the Cancer Society. I mean, not at the Cancer Society! NEVER AT THE CANCER SOCIETY!!!
Thanks to reader Tiffany for the heads up.