Real World Cancun Proves To Be A Total Clusterf**k

Last week’s tale of the taco continued to haunt the Real World roommates last night as lingering tensions between Ayiiia and Jonna (pronounced illogically as Jzzzhon-ay) festered into some sort of us vs. them situation in Cancun. The girls – Ayiiia, Jasmine, and Emileeeee – all banded together against the guys and Jonna, and for twenty minutes, we saw nothing but beautiful, unadulterated, female cattiness in the form of bitchy mutterings and furtive stares (not to mention a lesbian interlude in night vision). However, at the halfway mark of the episode, things got all sorts of wacky. Emileeeee — who I always pegged as an unstable powder keg — flipped out at Joey when he pestered everyone about being ready for “work” (I say “work” because it involved swimming with dolphins, cornering pelicans, doing shots, and lying around in hammocks). Anyway, the girl flipped her lid in an explosion of expletives, and when Ayiiia didn’t defend her craziness, Emileeeeee realized that bitch wasn’t a true friend after all. And so Emilee and Jasmine spent their day in paradise bitching and moaning about Ayiiiia, ultimately brokering a truce with the boys and Jonna and leaving Ayiiia as the true house outcast. And that’s when the real fun began.
Above, a clip of Ayiiia and Emileee airing it out in the most ineloquent and inarticulate way possible. People at work be warned: the uncensored language is very NSFW (lots of f-bombs, c-words, and everything in between). After the jump, another argument that is literally about nothing. It’s not as explosive, but watching Ayiiia and Jasmine work each other into a tizzy instead of directly communicating with each other is sort of hilarious. Enjoy…

Oh, and just for the fun of it, here’s Emileeee freaking out in the morning for no real reason:

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  1. I’m starting to think that anyone over the age of 10 is probably too smart to watch this show. Way to take one for the team, B!!

  2. What happened? The last couple seasons were, for the most part, much more high-brow than this one. Remember all the drug addictions and incestuous sexual abuse of seasons past? We’ve taken, like, twenty steps back to Denver antics. This is not to say that I will not be watching obsessively, of course. I hope the Great Taco Divide continues all season, because it is AWESOME so far.

  3. If this comment section had a “like” button, IndianJones would get my seal of approval.
    But I would also have to admit that I watched this nonsense.

  4. I agree with T-Bag that the RW seemed to be heading in a better, more mature direction recently, and I was really scared that this season would suck (as many of the drunk/sex centric seasons do). But I have to say, even though Cancun has proven to be totally trivial, it’s shockingly fun to watch. The arguments are just so stupid, and at least there are likable cast members (as opposed to Denver). So what if they all look twelve (literally). It’s good solid fun.

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