'TOP CHEF MASTERS' PREVIEW: Kelly Choi Is Still Awkward

Still recovering from the snooze-athon that was NYC Prep? Well, thankfully we have another episode of Top Chef Masters tonight to drag us out of the doldrums. Among the competing chefs this week will be Rick Bayless and Ludo Lefebvre, the latter of whom reality fans may remember for his cameo appearance on The Apprentice 6 (his wife Christine was a contestant and later a model in Playboy). Anyway, in the clip above, the two Masters clash over street food (and by “clash,” I mean politely register mild frustration), but what I care more about is fellow contestant Cindy Pawlcyn, who announces to us that she and her gal pals seek out offal every week in a nifty club called “Girls Who Eat Guts.” Sexy!
After the jump, a second clip from the show featuring some background information on Bayless. The real star in that video is Kelly Choi, who seems completely unable to refrain from turning into a jack-o-lantern the moment she gets excited — or attempts awkwardly to be gregarious.

Calm down, Kelly. Calm down.

5 replies on “'TOP CHEF MASTERS' PREVIEW: Kelly Choi Is Still Awkward”

  1. Kelly choi is Void of any culinary comments that are substantive. I vote for dversity but this Choi woman rubs me the wrong way. She comes across way dumb and is she anorexic??

  2. It is so bizarre to see such a disturbingly thin person judge food. Its like an overweight nerd judging a sex competition; completely out of place and unqualified. It isn’t like she’s in shape and that one could imagine her burning off the calories through kickboxing. Instead, it looks like she simply doesn’t eat, period.
    I understand the importance of having an attractive presenter, but please have someone that has a culinary background and doesn’t look like a twig. Just my two cents.

  3. Hey I have to say I love Kelly Choy. she is really a find. I did a little research and found that she was basically a no-name aspiring actress in NYC when Arick Wierson and Seth Unger – both deputy mayors under mayor mike bloomberg – found her on the street – literally and offered her the job to host a New York themed eating show called Eat NYC…how cool is that!?

  4. Darren – I hardly think Kelly Choi was homeless! I don’t think you mean Arick Wierson and Seth Unger literally picked her up from one of Bloomberg’s shelters, do you?!

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