B-Side Blog Forums Are Open For Business!

Tremendous news today: I’ve launched forums for this site. Now while you wait hours or days for me to post content, you can entertain yourselves with the power of gab in this brand new section. With any luck, it’ll actually function a tad bit better than the commenting system.
I’ve installed the software phpbb, and I’m still learning it a bit; so there might be some light wonkiness at the outset, but fear not, I will do my best to optimize the forums as best I can. I also plan to revamp its look as right now I’ve only got the generic template going on. Nevertheless, it’s up and running and ready to be populated by users and such. Please go in there and talk. There are plenty of categories and forums to explore. Plus, this is only the beginning. More categories will certainly be added, and if you have suggestions on that front, visit “Forum Suggestions” and pass along an idea.
https://bsideblog.com/forums/ (there’s also a tab in the menu bar)

5 replies on “B-Side Blog Forums Are Open For Business!”

  1. I didn’t really feel like registering just yet, so I’m commenting here instead of the forums. Is there a link back to your blog from the forums? If there is, it isn’t obvious.

  2. OOOhhhh…It’s like Christmas! I can’t wait for live feed forum posts during Big Brother. If you are ever in Columbus, OH I owe you a bunch of drinks for the many years of laughs. Woo hoo! “Hi Julie!” Thanks B-Side!

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