What would you do for a million dollars? Eat a starfish? Run around a foreign country in drag? Piss your pants? Clearly we found the answer to that question on last night’s episode of The Amazing Race where (SPOILER ALERT) Jen and Kisha were eliminated in the most boneheaded and memorable of ways. Yes, with a shot at a million dollars on the line, Jen and Kisha opted to squander their miniscule lead over Jamie and Cara by stopping for a bathroom break. This clearly put new meaning (or rather, introduced old meaning) to the term “Pit Stop.” With Jen pissing away her fortunes, the redheaded cheerleader bitches were able to sneak up from behind and claim the last spot in the finals, thus sending the sisters home defeated (yet relieved, we hope). I applaud Jen for seeking to maintain her dignity above all else, but seriously, when you’ve come this far — you gotta pee your pants. Heck, Allison from Big Brother 4 did it during an endurance competition. Or was it June? Either way, urination was had, and it was all in the name of money. Glorious, glorious money. What the HELL was Jen thinking?
What would you have done? Pissed your pants or hit the John?