Enjoy playing Wii… whilst NOT at the D-Day ceremony!

The good news for Queen Elizabeth: she’s getting a gold-plated “Royal Wii” with which she can enjoy the sublime pleasures of Boom Blox or Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz whilst on holiday at Balmoral.
The bad news: bitch got snubbed by Nicky Sarks. That’s right, France’s prime minister Nicholas Sarkozy and President Obama will be convening next week to celebrate the sixty-fifth anniversary of D-Day, and guess who didn’t get the invite? None other than HM Queen Elizabeth, who’ll have to content herself with a rousing game of Excite Truck while British PM Gordon Brown reprezents the U.K. at the event. Just who would have the balls to dis The Queen like this? Hard to say, but all we know is that there’s a lot of finger pointing going on. The French say that they left it up to G-Brown to deliver the invite, but apparently, he squandered it all for himself (they also assert that Her Majesty only attends anniversaries that are multiples of ten; so whereas a sixtieth or a seventieth anniversary would be acceptable, sixty-fifth is truly substandard). The Brits, on the other hand, say that Sarkozy has a man-crush on Obama and like any good sidekick, wants to keep the attention squarely on him (because clearly no one cares about Gordon Brown). As a result, Nick & Barry are clearly having an A & B conversation, so Lizzie should C her way out of it.
So who’s at fault in this international row? I certainly don’t know, but I’m chuffed to bits about it. Don’t worry, Queen Elizabeth. You’ll have more fun playing Mario Kart Wii online anyway. See you on the Moo Moo Meadows! (hint: watch out for the cows.)
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  1. also to be noted is that of any of the representatives you mention, HM LIZ 2 is the ONLY ONE who served in WWII, making this an even MORE OUTLANDISH SNUB!

  2. Sarkozy is so hip he probably likes fisting too. I can’t see the Queen indulging in this pastime…

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