‘Tis the season to be gambling! Yes, it’s March Madness time, which means it’s time to bust out the brackets and earn some money. I have no idea who’s doing well in NCAA Basketball because, well, I just don’t watch it. However, that never stops me from filling out a bracket and seeing how well I can do (usually miserably) in this annual frenzy of matchups, upsets, and Cinderella stories. So in the spirit of all things fun, I invite you to join my NCAA Tournament group on Yahoo! where you can fill out your own bracket and compete with other readers of this blog.
To sign up, just go to, click on “Join A Group,” and then click on “Join A Group” again, and then enter the following information:
League #: 52677
Password: yewknowwut?
From there you’ll be able to join the group, named “B-Side Blog Tournament of Cham” (“Champions” was too long). There will be no cash prize, but winner gets bragging rights and perhaps some free Mountain Dew drinks and swag, courtesy of Mountain Dew’s new offering, Mountain Dew Voltage. Intrigued? I thought you’d be. Sign up now!
Deadline is March 19th