I’m very pleased that my one solitary journey out of the apartment today resulted in a close encounter with none other than Survivor: Gabon’s chief strategical mastermind, Sugar. Yes, I was in the presence of The Great Brain, and only a few blocks from my pad. The exciting brush with extreme intelligence happened at a traffic light. I pulled up alongside an SUV, and since I’m always curious about my surroundings, I subtly turned my head to the left to peer inside the adjacent vehicle. I couldn’t help but notice the driver: round cheeks, perky blonde hair, and a generally pleasant yet bland expression on the face. Why, it looked like Sugar!
But I couldn’t be sure. A) This girl was wearing a good amount of makeup, and we’ve really only seen Sugar in her natural state; B) this girl’s hair was shorter than what we’ve grown accustomed to seeing on Sugar; so it threw a slight amount of doubt into the proceedings; and C) my angle was not great. I wasn’t actually neck and neck with the Sugar-mobile. It was more like my driver’s side window lined up with her rear passenger door. As such, I had a very limited view of Sugar’s entire face. Luckily, her rear-view mirror offered more angles for me to use, and at one point, she did turn around in my direction to fetch something from a bag or who knows what in the backseat. Don’t worry: no eye contact was made.
Still, even though my views were limited, all signs were pointing to Sugar. Plus, her makeup was very retro/vintage etc., and given that she does purport to being a pinup model, the general look seemed about right. As the light turned green, I felt about 78.3% certain that this was Sugar. But then… but then I saw something that left me with no doubt about who I was dealing with. Sugar’s car pulled away, and I glimpsed — right next to her Obama “Hope” sticker — her license plate, which was so dumb, it just had to be Sugar’s work. Besides, it pretty much said so:
I think that counts as validation. Of course Sugar would announce her presence through a stupid license plate. And of course she’d drop the “r”. Ugh… If she wins this whole game, so help me God…
Team Crystal.
UPDATE: fallout from this post!

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  1. I’m actually on Team Sugar, but sometimes I can’t help but think of her as the total skankbot that dated Jess on Gilmore Girls for like five episodes.
    But that license plate is not OK.

  2. B-Side, can you do me a kindness? Please explain how you can be rooting for Crystal. She has underwhelmed at every task, physical and mental. Do you feel sorry for her? I think Copygodd spoke for us all when he said the only gold medal she ever won was in the special olympics. I wanted to hate Sugar very badly. However, she won me over and I thought she was just the cutest little thing. But now, now that you had this sighting and she has that horrible license plate, well, I hate her.

  3. Team Crystal?! Really? I am with Lizzie in needing some explanation of your choice.
    Sugar rocks. The fact that the two meanest survivors EVER hate her makes her the best!

  4. I’m with you B-Side, Team Crystal all the way!
    LQ and hb, how can you guys NOT love the greatness of Crystal, whether it being her crazy antics at tribal, her complete ineptness during challenges, or the fact that she has voted for the right person every time she voted

  5. I just wonder if the poor soul was still living out of her car….. and was it a Ford Focus or more a Lexus??

  6. Personally, I’m Team Anyone But Crystal. I think I’ll be rooting for one of the guys. They seem to be more deserving.

  7. I agree, I am for anyone BUT Crystal and SHE WILL GET WHAT SHE DESERVES!! And I agree with zoobabe, that Susie is coasting.

  8. Someone correct me if I am wrong but isn’t this the most blindsides in one season ever?
    Sugar telling Matty not to think and to let her do all the thinking was hilarious!!!!1

  9. Team Matty… He needs to kick some little “master mind” playas butt.. Crystal gone now done with her side kick…

  10. B-side, i love you, but how can you NOT like Sugar? She is not only nice and honest, but she has done so much to make the game as exciting as it has been this season. Starting from when she got rid of Ace right up through last night with her making a show of giving Matty the idol in tribal and masterminding the vote for Crystal. I think she’s been outstanding!

  11. I think you just got a blind item shout-out from Sugar at the reunion show! “People are blogging about seeing me in my car.” LOL!

  12. B-side, OMR, is it bad that I am more excited that she reads your blog than I am at the winner?!?!?
    Go bsideblog!

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