Oh By The Way, Here's The Season Premiere of '30 Rock' (!!!!)

Tina Fey is white hot right now, and in an effort to translate that into a ratings boost for 30 Rock, NBC is… um… what is NBC doing? Well, they certainly haven’t been taking advantage of the buzz, opting to launch the third season who knows when. Apparently the plan was to promote the heck out of 30 Rock during the three Thursday SNL specials, but having watched the first two, I can’t say that there’s really been a juggernaut of marketing on that front. I suppose phase 2 kicks in today as NBC has decided to post the premiere episode on Hulu in advance of the actual season opener. I’m all for sneak peaks, but I certainly hope this doesn’t deflate the ratings. Everyone who watches this must promise to tune in for the premiere… whenever that is.

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  1. Tina Fey was on the thursday edition of Weekend Update last night, they had a commercial for the premiere which said Nov 6th. But it was so fast you could have easily missed it!

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