There’s been so much good TV in the past few days — I just haven’t had time to write about it all. So while I tend to the Hills recap, I open the floor to you all: Has Charlie found a true friend in Marcus on Survivor? Or, more specifically, how long until Marcus shatters Charlie’s world? And how hard is it to find a crater in the middle of a field?
On The Amazing Race, who do we love, who do we hate? Actually, no need for that last question — Terrence is obviously this season’s villain. And I love the previews for next week when his girlfriend complains that “they didn’t even say HI to us!”
And let’s not overlook a brilliant episode of Mad Men, the deserving winner of Outstanding Drama at this year’s Emmy Awards. One word: JANE.
And lastly, Gossip Girl. This week’s fashion episode (featuring Vitamin Water) seemed rather silly, but despite a general unevenness, it proved to be just as fun as always (the brooding Chuck Bass subplot was worth the price of admission alone). Was this the first semi-tolerable Dan Humphrey storyline since the pilot? And wasn’t it refreshing to not have Vanessa around? Plus, how many naive adolescents are going to get in trouble at school when they do a Google image search for Mapplethorpe? (High-five, Gossip Girl).
Okay, I’ve started the discussion. The rest of you talk while I get back to work…