Ready to be horrified? Check out the near toxic plight of PJ’s Oysterbed, a San Francisco seafood restaurant that closed at the end of May. For reasons unknown, the management and employees left the premises without even bothering to clean out their inventory, which means that for about two weeks, a pile of Dungeness crabs and RAW OYSTERS have been sitting in what was formerly an ice bed and is now a puddle of warm water. The stench is so bad, pedestrians can smell it on the street. But it gets worse. It seems as though San Fran’s pesky subterranean population has discovered this rotting festival of neglect. That’s right: rats have now descended on PJ’s Oysterbed, and they are currently feeding on the rancid remains of the seafood. Oh, and they’re not just normal rats. They are huuuuuge. Note the picture above. Horrifying.
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