CoverGirl Utilizes New Tongue Twister To Sell Products

Back in Cycle 9 of America’s Next Top Model, we watched the girls stumble and slur their way through one of the most ill-conceived product titles of all time: the Wetslicks Fruit Spritzer. To the uninitiated (ie. me), it sounded like the models were merely saying “westshlicksfritzsprtizer,” especially when queen marble-mouth Jaslene got in on the action. Now CoverGirl is back with yet another tongue twister of a product name, and sure enough, Fatima, Whitney, and Anya all managed to completely botch it, reducing the brand to a mishmash of syllables that sounded not unlike “blashtlashtlashblahsshsblashssplash.” I don’t blame the girls. I blame whoever came up with the stupid tagline.
Nevertheless, I’m not even going to say what this product is called because trying to guess the words is half the fun.