Hey, I can write about TV again! Where do I begin???

These are my most immediate thoughts off the top of my head:
Celebrity Apprentice is brilliant. One of the funniest shows on TV.
30 Rock, however, is THE funniest show on TV.
Big Brother 9 is great, and people have to stop complaining about the cast being trashy. So what? It’s awesome!
Survivor: China was one of the best seasons EVER.
• James is one of my favorite Survivor players ever.
Fans vs. Favorites is finally starting to get good, thanks to Cirie.
• Miss Jay from ANTM is simply not funny. All he does is make tooting noises and roll his eyes.
• Josh from Big Brother 9 is horrendous.
• Crazy James from Big Brother 9 has yet live up to the “crazy” part of his name. That is, unless, if his definition of craziness involves long stretches of silence.
• Dick Donato was one of the worst reality stars ever. Rockers don’t wear Mom Jeans.
• Amber was an amazing train wreck to watch.
• Heather should have won the last cycle of ANTM.
• I really, really hope that 24 gets back into its groove.
• I don’t get Ugly Betty.
• I’m still reeling from Amanda Overmeyer’s outfit from the second week of semi-finals on Idol.
• That kid who lived in his car and almost made it to the top twenty-four deserved to go home. He was awful, and I hardly had any sympathy for him, being that it was his choice to live in his car.
• Melinda Doolittle wuz robbed! (But I really like Jordin Sparks’ new song)
• The UPS Whiteboard guy is still awful.
• Saleisha is a joke. Total conspiracy theory going on there. Plus, her hair looked like Joyce DeWitt circa 1977.
• Fatima should be the next winner of ANTM.
• I still laugh at the entire idea of “Whittell.” This is why more Dartmouth girls don’t go into modeling.
• I don’t mean to be callous, but Jaslene talks like she’s deaf. Forcing her to say “Wet Slick Fruit Spritzer” was an exercise in cruelty.
Gossip Girl is amazing, and everyone should watch it. I think it’s better than The O.C.. Yeah. I said it.
• The character of Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl kind of sucks though. The writers need to make him less of a douche.
• At long last, I have become a fan of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Funny story: I flew on a plane with Vicky to Paris. Unfortunately, it was before I came to love the show; so I wasn’t able to fully appreciate the experience.
• I love that on The Real Housewives of New York City, there’s a countess named LuAnn. She should be saying “Toots” more.
• I’m very excited for the continuation of The Hills.
• If I had to choose between Piers or Omarosa, I pick Omarosa. Piers is AWFUL.
• I have to admit that House, M.D. might be my favorite drama on TV these days. The whole story line about whittling down his newbies was brilliant.
• The episode of Survivor: China when Jaime played the fake immunity idol was one of the best episodes EVER.
• The last two seasons of The Amazing Race have been really great. Although, I must admit, I can’t remember who the hell won this last season. I know it wasn’t Ron and Christina… and I know it wasn’t Nick and his grandfather… I JUST CAN’T REMEMBER.
• Oh yeah. It was TK and Rachel.
• By the way, Nate and Jen were such terrible people, but unlike other generic, awful couples from California, I loved them. I mean, they were so ridiculous, and they always got stymied. It’s like the Wile E. Coyote effect.
• I love Gail, but she should stop trying to be sexier than Padma.
• I still don’t understand how the tall guy from Top Chef was supposed to be funny.
Top Chef’s Casey coined one of my new favorite phrases: “You’ve thrown a guilt blanket on me.”
• Danny and Melinda are still insufferable.
• Coral and Beth are like fine wines: they only get better with age.
• CT is terrible.
• Lisa Love speaking French was one of the most sublime moments on MTV ever.
• Diane Sawyer is the new mascot for morning passive-aggressiveness.
• After all the hype, Ina Garten’s new barn is kind of a let down.
• I used to watch Friday Night Lights, but then I got a little over it. Sorry, FNL fans. I know you love it.
• I’m kind of glad The Sopranos is done.
• I still haven’t seen Mad Men, but I fully intend to (especially since I know the creator. Oops!)
• I don’t get Ugly Betty.
• I saw the pilot of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I liked it but haven’t had time to work the show into my TV watching schedule. Plus, I’m still not convinced that Summer Glau is a robot. And why is it that when we first met her in that high school, she talked like a normal teen, but then when we found out that she’s a robot, she started talking all stiffly and without emotion. The least she could do would be to try some affectations. WE KNOW SHE CAN DO IT!!
Cavemen isn’t that bad.
• I’m afraid bad things will happen if more people don’t watch the following shows: Big Brother 9, The Apprentice, Gossip Girl, and 30 Rock. SPREAD THE WORD.
Hmmm… I think that’s all I got. I’m sure there’s more, but it’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon. I need to cavort!

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  1. Brilliant. Not only is it wonderful to discover you are writing about TV again, but you included an entire year in one entry…sigh.

  2. Where are the trumpets? The parades?
    Our King has returned!
    And all I get are a myriad of one liners covering the course of a year. All of your television observations having to have been pent up for an extended period of time… and you didn’t have something in the can waiting to go? Not even a ready-to-go-just-in-case obituary (of corporate-run blogs) that is accidentally posted only to be removed hours later?
    And don’t use the beautiful Southern Cali weather as an excuse!

  3. Yay, the cone of silence has been lifted!!!!!!1
    You must really be confounded by Ugly Betty, since you mentioned it twice. Another thought: there is this other TV related blog that could use an intelligent, witty, and clever recapper for House, M.D. (she said in a small hopeful voice).

  4. NOW can we hear the truth about your sidewalk stroll with the King of Douchenozzles?
    Suck it Jesus. Tina Fey is my God.

  5. I read (on a gossip blog) that the King of Douchenozzles is this close to signing a deal to write his autobiography. Could you be ghostwriting for him B?

  6. I love the smell of Napalm in the morning. And B-Side writing about TV.
    sidenote-my captcha is pmspms. coincidence? i think not.

  7. This is the BEST news I could have received after being stuck in my house for two days with three kids due to the enormous amount of snow we got here!!!!1111
    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on The Hills new season. I too love Gossip Girl and House.
    Was Vicky screaming on the plane all the way to Paris??
    Oh I can’t wait to hear more from you. Love you B Side!

  8. This is the most beautiful post EVER.
    I don’t get Ugly Betty either.
    I, too, thought Jaslene was hearing impaired.
    You must watch Mad Men!
    I am so happy you are talking TV again.

  9. hurrayy! wow, thats so lovely. Your tv insights have been gone for far too long. I”d actually like to try to get into gossip girl again, alas I don’t have CW cause I don’t want to pay for local channels w/ dish till I know for sure there’s going to be something to watch-you know, besides LOST…till then (probly Sept line up or if there’s a summer one) I’ll have to just say no.
    I got Ugly Betty for a minute, then I lost it.
    I’m excited for The Hills too =)
    and you’re right (of course!) Coral and Beth have gotten better w/ age.
    welcome back!!!

  10. Glad to hear that you’re free to express your views again!!
    Now you can toss all those post-it notes.

  11. Hip hip hooray!! Welcome back to the dark side, B-Side!! Can’t wait for you to see your byline at another wonderful site…

  12. Rumor has it Friday Night Lights might be back for one more season, give it a shot B Side, its glorious. Seriously, watch season 1 the finale episode and remember how good it used to be. Also, I oddly enough just had that same thought about Amazing Race, I love it but for the life of me couldn’t remember the winners.

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