This week, Big Brother is allowing the viewers to vote one cast member back into the house, and based on the drama that it will stir up, I am officially endorsing Allison as America’s Choice. The reasons are simple: she’s smart, she’s manipulative, and she can stir up trouble like none other. Plus, wouldn’t you just love the look on Josh’s face when she walks back in the door? C’mon, now. You can’t overlook that.
Now, I know certain other websites are pushing for Parker, but that’s just a total waste. Parker proved to be nothing but a dour, quiet, grumpy house guest, whose only moment of excitement happened waaay back on episode two. I’ve been watching After Dark fairly regularly, and I can assure you that Parker simply does not offer the same drama potential as Allison. Please, people. A vote for Allison is a vote for excitement.
Or as she might say, “I really don’t know why you’re acting like this. I just don’t get it. Was it something I did that made you be so immature and not vote for me?”