Oh The Real World. The once proud reality series has stumbled in recent seasons (I stopped watching midway through Denver), but despite flagging quality, the show is gearing up for its twentieth season (!!). To celebrate this impressive feat, MTV threw a special awards show for The Real World, and honestly, what better way to fete scads of self-involved, narcissistic, ridiculous people than with a concept that is at its core self-involved, narcissistic, and ridiculous?
We’ve yet to find out who won what (Best Drunkard, Biggest Idiot, Favorite Tantrum, Most Outrageous Self-Rationalization?), but my friend Laura hit the red carpet, and when she wasn’t doling out little passive-aggressive gems (“This is one of the seasons I did watch”), she was finding out tidbits from some of our kind of favorite stars from yore.
Quick observations:
• Eric Nies looks way old/stoned. Sort of sad.
• Stephen from Seattle got fat but is dressed well (those gays!).
• Melissa from Miami is still boring as hell.
• Ruthie may have shrunken.
• Teck would fail miserably on American Inventor. And he’s too small for his neck collar, but that’s neither here nor there.
• Beth is hilarious, but we all knew that.
Some photos from the red carpet after the jump, and to see the footage, click here (via Reality Blurred).

Jeffrey Ross and Susie are the co-hosts. Can’t wait to see that wonderful chemistry!

Hey, it’s a pretty 37-year-old woman standing next to a lost member of Duran Duran. Oh wait, it’s just Mallory and Simon from Paris

“Hey Melinda, I look wicked hot in this outfit. My chompahs are out of control. Right, Melinda? Meilnda? Don’t get salty with me!”

“Danny’s wearing the same outfit as me? He should have stayed in Boston, that low-life BITCH!”

Awww. One of my favorite casts, Chicago. Dare I say it: Aneesa looks good.

Crazy and Crazy Jr.

A shaved Malik stands with former roommates-turned-drag-queens, Coral and Lori.