DAS YOUTUBE: Six Awesome German Videos

Last week, the above clip was featured on Digg and quickly became a viral hit. It’s not the funniest video in the world and I still can’t decide if it’s fake or not, but I laughed anyway. The reason: it’s in German. Yes, I’ve recently concluded that everything seems funnier when it’s in German (unless, you know, it’s archival footage from World War II), and this video is no exception. After watching it, I decided I needed to see more Teutonic craziness. So in an effort to find similarly amusing videos, I plundered the world of YouTube and came up with several notable clips — most of which are musical. I won’t be so brazen as to call these the top German YouTube offerings of all time (because I’ve hardly scratched the surface), but I will, however, say that these videos are more or less hilarious.

A music video from beloved pop sensation, Schwarzwaldfamilie Seitz (a.k.a. my new fashion muses).

Another Schwarzwaldfamilie Seitz gem, but this one features an oversized cuckoo clock! Ja!

There’s no such thing as too much German music.

Here’s something a bit more modern. The music video to the smash hit, “Ding Dong.”

An exercise in German minimalism.

Finally, a clip from a German court show I saw in Berlin last fall. I particularly like when the judge starts yelling with the fury of a thousand scorned frauleins.

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