This morning, Mike at Franklin Avenue was kind enough to give this blog an enormous plug, and in the spirit of giving (after all, today IS National Bubble Bath Day), I’ve decided to pay it forward by pimping out one of my friend’s websites. The friend: Anna David. The site: Anna is an accomplished journalist and a prolific talking head (we became friends thanks to many bouts of banter at the Reality Remix Roundtable), and these days, she’s probably most recognizable as the resident sex expert on G4’s Attack of the Show. Her new site focuses on this latter role as she takes questions from sexually confounded people (mostly men) and provides them with, you guessed it, answers (hence, Annalytical Answers). Scattered amongst the entries are clips of Anna’s new Attack of the Show segment, “In Your Pants,” which feature Anna strutting mightily down the sidewalks of Manhattan, doling out advise to hapless young men in need of some fine tuning (such as one obstinate guy who wanted to force his girlfriend onto The Pill so he wouldn’t have to wear a condom anymore. Douche). The videos are fun times indeed, but even better — and here comes some real pimping —  is Anna’s book, Party Girl. It’s a semi-autobiographical novel about a party-girl reporter whose coke-snorting, Hollywood fast-lane lifestyle lands her in rehab. I’ve read it, and I can attest that it’s not only very funny (I did truly laugh out loud a few times), but its insights into the world of rehab are surprisingly interesting — I just assumed all the party stuff would be the best part of the book. Not necessarily true.
Anyway, you now all have your reading for the day cut out for you. I’m gonna go eat a bagel. As they say, pimpin’ ain’t easy.