According to a British tabloid (and you know how reputable those are), Queen Elizabeth II has become the latest convert to the wonders of the Wii. Allegedly Prince William received the gaming system from his commoner girlfriend, Kate Middleton, and grandma was only too eager to have a go at it. A palace source claims that after a delightful lunch at Sandringham, HM Queen Elizabeth “thought the Nintendo looked tremendous fun and begged to join in.” He then added, “GIVE US A KISS, LUV!”
Okay, maybe that last bit didn’t happen, but apparently The Queen was a bona-fide whiz with Wii bowling; although, still no word on whether or not she let out a resounding “BOOYAH!” after scoring a turkey. Nevertheless, we know who’ll be first in line when Nintendo releases their much anticipated game, Wii Afternoon Tea with Scones.
• Make Way For The Q Wii N [The People via Kotaku]