Here comes the rain again…

Everyone by now knows about rain and Los Angeles: the two don’t mix. They’re simply not meant for each other — kind of like Carlos Mencia and an original punchline (heyohhh!!). Luckily, rain keeps its distance for most of the year, but then comes “winter” (ie. the time when the temperature hovers in the mid-fifties) and all bets are off. Rain hits this town like a sack of oranges, and we suffer for it. Drivers go batty and spin off the road, houses slide down mountains, and people make dumb small talk that usually goes something like this: “How about that rain? It’s pretty intense.” Or “Still raining? Gosh!” Or “I can’t believe how much it’s raining! It makes me want to just get in my car and tailgate people at excessive speeds!” Okay, maybe that last one isn’t exactly what people say (but it is what they do). Nevertheless, with all the dramatics rain causes, one would think a cloud of molten lava balls had descended on Southern California, meting out destruction with each fiery bit of precipitation, but alas, it’s just rain. Plain, old boring rain.
On a good year, the rain might strike five or six times in these unfortunate months. On a bad year, however, our fair city can be struck with up to ten or even eleven days worth of precipitation — a veritable monsoon in these parts. To be fair, when it rains, it usually rains. I’m talking about the sort of downpour that drenches you in seconds. And since the streets here have questionable drainage designs, it only takes a few hours before the town is in the throes of a miniature flood, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the trailer for Evan Almighty plagued theaters.
Still, flood or no flood, people freak out here. The idea of driving in the rain is often met with incredulous stares —  as if you’ve just volunteered to ride a bicycle off the Grand Canyon. However, I’m proud to say that my friends and I are not cowed by these types of adverse weather conditions, and as a rough bout of rain descended on the city earlier this evening, we bravely headed off into the blustery night, seeking out that most important of rainy commodities: tacos. I of course brought my camera, and in case you’ve never seen rain before, you might enjoy these pics of rain in Los Angeles.

Heading out on this cold and rainy night was my usual crew: J-Unit, IndianJones, and me. (Our fourth member, Jash, was safely away from this dreaded storm front, instead braving the chilly climes of New York City). We’re sort of like the guys on Entourage, except whereas they go to cool clubs and swanky parties, we go to, uh, Target. I guess you could call us the Lametourage. Nevertheless, the destination of the night was our favorite Mexican establishment, Don Antonio’s. Our stomaches were all growling, and IndianJones’s sensible Saab was raring for a trek across town. The only thing standing between us and some tacos was… THE RAIN.

The rainy street as seen from my bedroom window. THE HORROR!

Because he’s out of town, I check in on Jash’s apartment to make sure it’s doing okay. It’s not.

Eventually, we set out on our waterlogged journey. Driving in the rain: surely we are mad.

With IndianJones behind the wheel, I feel confident that we should arrive at Don Antonio’s safely…

…Unfortunately, I fail to anticipate IndianJones’s unrelenting desire to not only race through big puddles, but to cause cascades of water to fall upon any and all nearby pedestrians. Sadly, his intended targets somehow avoid this onslaught.

The camera catches both the slick street and a speeding driver. Enjoy the future fender-bender, CAR.

Ooh, pretty rain colors.

Look at that wet surface. It’s like we’re driving down the RIVER WILD!!!

The Saab comes to a rest amidst a raging torrent of water, and in a scene reminiscent of many an Oregon Trail crossing, I must traverse the long, harrowing distance from seat to curb. Fear not, though. Safe passage is made.

At last, we reach our flavorful bounty. I’ll assume J-Unit is eating a tortilla chip, but he might just be licking his hand.

Phew! For now, I’m gonna keep dry and watch TV. Be safe out there, Angelenos!