I don’t often visibly recoil in my seat when I check out British tabloids, but that’s exactly what happened when I stumbled upon this image of Rhydian Roberts, star of the British hit, The X Factor, on holiday with his tantastic aunt Maxine. The contrast is stupefying.
Be warned: application of sunglasses may be required for viewing the uncensored image after the jump…


For more images, check out The Daily Mail.
And, because it’s Friday, a few bonus pics of British actress Dawn French from The Daily Mail. You know, because she looks funny:

Mum, do you hear a row in the paddock?

If Ina Garten and Joyce De Witt had a love child…

6 replies on “Pasty Brit Sets New Standard For British Pastiness”

  1. Somebody needs to get out a little more. I’m picturing a windowless flat with piles of newspapers, junk mail and Husband knows what else and the neighbors saying what a quiet fellow he was…
    I love Dawn French.

  2. He’s pale. Wow. Must be the first person to be pale, ever..or at least you’d think so from the reactions on this blog.
    Why the heck would he say ‘Allo, guv’na’?! Is everyone from the UK a bloody cockney now?! He’s WELSH -.-
    Boomersmommy..he dyes his flipping hair!! He’s not an albino, you silicone berk..
    Erm, Zenovia..are you describing your own life there? I think so.
    And as for you, zoobabe..well..euh..I suppose you’re just odd.
    Go Rhydian ^^
    Mweheheheh 🙂

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