In an icky story sure to give you the heeby-jeebies, a British newlywed couple discovered why they make such a natural, complementary pair: they’re actually twins separated at birth. Party foul! Yes, the two anonymous siblings married, unaware of their shared genetic design until after they had swapped rings (and who knows what else). Of course, there were warning signs all along, most notably the bride’s wedding vow, which stated, “You’re more than a lover to me. You’re like a brother.” To which the groom replied, “Sometimes I feel almost as if we were two zygotes in the same woman’s uterus.” They then both laughed and said, “Well thank God THAT’S not the case! Give us a kiss, luv!” Nevertheless, the couple have already had their marriage annulled, and surely after a healthy bout of vomiting and therapy, they’ll be back on the dating scene soon enough.
• Separated-at-birth twins get married [Yahoo News]
And for those of you wondering what the offspring of this sibling duo would have looked like, we have a projected image after the jump…

And that’s why twins shouldn’t marry each other.

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  1. Tell me that is not a real guy….. I might be out of the loop on all things cool but that scares the hell outta me.

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