So, I hate this car that’s parked in my garage. I could go on a rant about it, but what’s the point when pictures are so much more effective?
Full disclosure after the jump…

First of all, let’s take a look at that sign that’s above the car:

It says NO PARKING. Want to know why? It’s because this isn’t a parking spot. You know what it is? It’s an open surface that cars use to, you know, GET OUT OF THE GARAGE.

And yet, this car has been parked here for HOURS. Hello? Do you not see the sign right above you??

I decide to leave a subtle message.

Thankfully, the manager also gets into the act with this grammatically questionable announcement.

As you can see, no effect.

Here’s the thing: this person clearly has a parking pass, which means he or she can park on the street without fear of towing. And I don’t want to hear that there were no spaces. There are always spaces. So I leave another note…

The car is gone twenty minutes later.