“Oh hello. I’m a little sad because I’m SO DAMN ADORABLE.”

A few months ago, we all loved Knut the polar bear to pieces. I for one spent many a goofy moment smiling at the assorted galleries dedicated to his cute, joyous youth. In fact, on a recent trip to Berlin, it was all I could do to avoid dropping by the zoo and purchasing a collectible Knut tchochke. However, Knut eventually hit those awkward polar-tween years and like so many child stars before him (Jonathan Lipnicki, Hallie Eisenberg, Prince William), he quickly lost his cuteness in favor of general gawkiness (or in his case, muddy bloodlust). Luckily, we have a new cub to dote over, and unlike those silly polar bears, this one is guaranteed to stay cute for the rest of her life. Why? Because she’s a goddamn baby panda, that’s why. Knut will always have a special place in my heart, but for now, let’s all enjoy the glory that is ZHEN ZHEN, the San Diego Zoo’s newest media sensation.
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Zhen Zhen enjoys an afternoon of soulful introspection.

“Sometimes I wonder if there really is a God.”

“Maybe I was a turtle in another life. Or a plum.”

“I hope Zac Effron got my letter.”

“Your father was always up to no good, Zhen Zhen. Never trust men. They lie. That’s what they do.”

“And here’s the thing, Zhen Zhen. I really don’t think Spencer and Heidi will stay together. I really don’t. Those sort of boys are afraid of commitment. Just like your father.”

“Oh my God, Mom. Please stop talking. You’re EMBARRASSING ME.”