It’s the end of the year, and since everyone is writing lists, I figured I might as well throw my hat into the ring and pen one of my very own. Unfortunately, I haven’t really seen enough movies or listened to enough music to compose a proper, thorough list. Therefore, I’m gonna do some sort of year end list/awards hybrid mess. Honestly, I really don’t know what I’m going to do, but whatever it is will be after the jump…

Best Movie Drama:
No Country For Old Men
It took about an hour for me to decompress from this existentially wonderful movie. Not only was the tension off the charts, but so was the acting, writing, cinematography, and direction. There’s been a lot of chatter about the last fifteen minutes of the movie, and while I can appreciate people’s frustration, I have to admit that I sincerely enjoyed it all. I loved the ending. In fact, I felt it gave the film greater substance than just a mere cat-and-mouse tale. No Country For Old Men stuck with me for a long time after the lights came up.
Best Movie Comedy:
Knocked Up
This was the first movie in a long time that I actually saw twice in the theaters (and given rising ticket costs, that’s a big deal). It was laugh-out-loud funny, but more importantly, the humor stemmed from a rich foundation of well-drawn and realized characters. In the award season hubbub, I hope this one doesn’t get lost in the fray. And Academy voters, remember that comic performances deserve recognition too (ie. Katherine Heigl and Leslie Mann).
Best TV Comedy:
30 Rock
No-brainer here. After a strong but slightly uneven first season, 30 Rock has hit its stride in its sophomore year, becoming THE premiere comedy on television. Each episode crackles with smart, zany writing that goes unmatched by other TV comedies (cough, Ugly Betty, cough). And then, of course, there are the performances. Alec Baldwin alone is worth the price of admission, but strong supporting roles by Jane Krakowski and Jack McBrayer keep this ensemble sitcom hilarious at all times.
Best TV Drama:
House, M.D.
To be fair, I don’t watch a whole lot of dramas, and the ones I do catch seem to have hit the shitter this year (24, Prison Break). However, House has only gotten better with age. Sure, the show has a fairly obvious formula, but that shouldn’t overshadow some of TV’s sharpest writing and most interesting characters. Season four’s reality-show conceit has been a fun twist on the same-old, same-old, and I’m only sad that the arc has ended. (Bring back Cutthroat Bitch!)
Best Reality Competition:
TIE: Survivor: China and Big Brother 8
Big Brother was out of control this season. The only thing that kept it from being amazing was that the Dick and Daniele so easily waltzed their way to the top. Thanks, America. As for Survivor, it’s just proof that with the right casting, you can still generate dramatic fireworks. The episode when Jamie played the fake immunity idol ranks as one of the very best of this venerable series.
Best Reality Non Competition:
The Hills
C’mon. It’s just so great. Don’t act like you’re above it.
Best Guilty Pleasure:
Gossip Girl
Best GOOD Television Show
The Barefoot Contessa
Take one part waspy charm, one part GOOD ingredients, and two parts heavyset hospitality, and you get my favorite afternoon treat, The Barefoot Contessa. There is no better way to spend thirty minutes. Just remember, always crack your eggs in a separate bowl because you never know WHEN YOU’LL GET A BAD EGG!!! (dunh dunh DUNH!)
Best TV Reruns
Arrested Development on HDNet/G4
Can watch them over and over and over and over again. And I do.
Best Hostess
Padma Lakshmi
So effortlessly glamorous and wonderful. Everything she does is brilliant.
Best Wannabe Best Hostess
Gail Simmons
We love you Gail, but you’re not Padma; so stop trying to out-sexy her in all the promos.
Best Reality Show Contestant
James from Survivor China
He really was the best.
Best Reality Show Idiot
Amber from Big Brother
The things that would come out of her mouth: gold, I tell you! GOLD!
Best Reality Star Who Looks Like A Little Jewish Girl Named Mandy
Christian from Project Runway 4
The more you look at him, the more you’ll expect to get a Bat Mitvah invitation.
Best TV Guest Star
Will Arnett on 30 Rock
“I’m gonna make your heart explode.” Need I say more?
Best Reality Show Judge Who Thinks He’s Hilarious But Actually Isn’t Hilarious At All
“Ms. J” on America’s Next Top Model
Seriously, he’s not funny. He just makes weird noises and rolls his eyes. Then again, that’s all it takes to make Tyra flop over in hysterics and sigh, “Oh J. You so crazy!”
Best Reality Star Phrase Botching:
”I just want to say that you guys have laid such a guilt blanket” by Casey on Top Chef 3
Just what exactly IS a guilt blanket? Sounds comfy!
Best Reality Star Command:
“Stop this car, Vyxsin, right now!!” — Kynt, on The Amazing Race 12
So gothy!
Best Hothead Who Can’t Deal With People Talking Back To Her
Rosie O’Donnell
Bitch can dish it, but she sure can’t take it!
Best Physical Ailment That I Shouldn’t Laugh At (But I Do Anyway)
Jack’s MRSA on Project Runway 4
His lip was just so very funny.
Best Song
Love Song by Sara Bareilles
I’m not artsy fartsy; so you won’t get any trendy, indie choice from me. I’m gonna go with the song that iTunes introduced to me as a free download back in June and hasn’t left my head since. It’s just SO DAMN CATCHY.
Best Song That Makes Me Feel Like I Have A Little Indie Cred
You Are The One by Shiny Toy Guns
It’s a delight.
Best Song That Has Me Annoying People When I Sing It
Umbrella by Rihanna
Who would have thought a girl with no voice could deliver one of my favorite songs of the year? I wouldn’t even mind hearing it a capella-ella-ella-ay-ay-ay.
Best Album of the Year
Cross by Justice
Again, I’m no music snob, and I don’t buy too many albums anymore, but this CD by two French DJs is quite, quite excellent.
Best Album That I’m Sort of Embarrassed About and I Don’t Know Why
As Cruel as School Children by Gym Class Heroes
This is a surprisingly great album, but I think the mix of emo and hip hop leads to lack of credibility to me. So…. listen to it privately.
Best Song That Made Me Feel Like An Angry Chick
U + Ur Hand by P!nk
“ARGGH!!! I’m P!NK!!! AND I’M ANGRY FOR NO REASON!!!!” But hey, at least she can put out a catchy ditty once in a while.
Best Celebrity Sighting
Prince Charles
Accidentally ran into him at the Tower of London. Turns out he was there to kick off Visit Britain Week. Who knew? Jolly good time! I was chuffed to bits about it!
Best Idiot
Britney Spears
Because she’s SUCH AN IDIOT.
Best Slang
Best Overdue Personnel Change By A Sporting Franchise
Benching Chad Pennington, The Jets
I’ve only waited FOUR YEARS for this.
Best Football Team To Go 16-0 Without Being Embroiled In A Cheating Scandal
Hasn’t Happened
Oh SNAP! I went there!
Best Videogame That Made Me Feel Like I Was On LSD
Super Mario Galaxy
It will drive you insane.
Best YouTube Videos
Brenda Dickson — Welcome To My Home
The originals and parodies are fantastic. Now get the hell out of here.
Best Dumb Corporate Move
Networks pulling clips from YouTube
Who needs to discover new content anyway?

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  1. OH SNAP! I love that you went there!
    Fucking cheaters and their douchenozzle QB!
    Happy New Year’s B!

  2. I love that you included the Kynt shoutout, but why did you have to put that pic of Amber on the top??? I could’ve had a nice evening without seeing that… 😛

  3. I luuuurve Cross. Killer for the long drives. And will anything ever beat Brenda for best YouTube video? I expect to see it on this list for years to come.

  4. Oh come on, B-Side, confess: Padma’s only on the list because you think she would be the best hostess- in your pants!
    Happy New Year!

  5. Okay, I was with you on so much, but Padma? Umbrella?
    Best comment by a poster: honeybunny on 1/1/08 🙂

  6. I met Jack McBrayer from 30 Rock a few months ago at a dive bar in Chicago. My friend and I were drunk enough to approach him and tell him how much we loved the show. Refreshingly, he is just as sweet in real life as he is on 30 Rock.

  7. Loved your list, but Dick & Dani won because CBS manipulated that one with their ‘America’s Player’ bullshit….. but I loved watching it all unfold and can’t wait for the next one.
    Agree with the rest… your comeback was the best thing to happen in ’07!

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