Animal activists, avert your eyes. Above is a slab of that most delicious of French staples, foie gras. I came across this photo late last night while I was both hungry and nostalgic for a meal I had eaten earlier this year in a little French bistro named Chez Michel. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that browsing shiny, delectable images on an empty stomach is nothing short of a horrific idea. Yes, ever since my flickr adventures, I’ve been relentlessly craving foie gras, but in the absence of any readily accessible goose liver, I’ve simply had to sate myself by staring at this photo, which is really quite counter-intuitive, if you think about it. Nevertheless, I fear that I may have glanced upon the culinary version of The Ring, except instead of being haunted by images of a little girl, I see foie gras. And instead of an ominous phone call, my stomach rumbles. And instead of dying, I just get hungrier. Okay, it’s nothing like The Ring at all. Point is that if you love foie gras like I do, once you look at this picture, you won’t be able to think of anything else.
Many thanks to the blog Desserts First, whose author snapped this tempting photo. If you’re hungry but the foie-gras isn’t doing much for you, I promise this site will have plenty for you to wag your tongue at.

5 replies on “CRAVING ALERT: Foie Gras Edition”

  1. I don’t care what fancy French name you give it of how many foodies rave about it – it’s still frikkin goose liver. ewwwwwwww…..

  2. Great, just great. I still have 2 hours until it’s a reasonable lunch time. Thanks a lot.
    I like to think that those geese get a sense of pride and accomplishment knowing how much I am going to enjoy their livers.

  3. Did you watch the Anthony Bourdain Christmas special B? They had a whole segment at the foie gras farm where they tried to explain how “humane” the treatment of the birds force-feeding was. Then they fried up the liver and Tony ate a raw goose testicle. It didn’t make me want to try fg anytime soon that’s for sure. Gag!

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