New Episode of Banter Blender is Up!

Sorry folks, I really do want to get these episodes up more regularly again, but I’m happy to report we’ve made up for lost time with this latest installment of The Banter Blender. We touch on all the important stuff: reality stars downstairs, Lamar Odom, oversized sandwiches, Adele, my new board game, and candy. Lots of talk about candy. We get into it, people. Come listen, and if you like it, share it with your friends!

Special guests Angie Thomas and David Clark, co-hosts of the Deep Thots podcast!

One reply on “New Episode of Banter Blender is Up!”

  1. I love all the podcasts you participate in! Love Angie, David, grant and Ronnie as well. Keep it up Ben. Lol at picturing you as a child eating candy bars n having a ironic lol to yourself.

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